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A new perspective on risk within cyber ecosystems: BHI workshop on connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs)

Date: 21 January 2019 09:30 - 21 January 2019 14:30

Traditional risk models rely heavily on probabilistic approaches, which demand stable distributions and almost complete knowledge of possible states. New advances in digital technologies, combining huge amounts of data, rapidly evolving automated algorithms and the prospect of a fundamental shift in network speeds and capacity, pose serious challenges to traditional risk modelling.

As part of the Hermeneut project, Digital Catapult has proposed the Benefit Harm Index (BHI), a new approach which integrates ideas from economics and complexity science in order to understand dynamic and emergent threats.

The BHI can be applied to multiple sectors and during this workshop we will identify CAV-related scenarios through interdisciplinary and inter-institutional approaches.

Why attend?

Attending this workshop provides an opportunity to participate in leading edge discussions to better understand uncertainty and risk. The workshop will involve a multi-disciplinary approach to identifying potential and emergent impacts that could arise from a cyber attack on the critical infrastructure for CAVs.

Who should attend?

This event is tailored for cyber security companies and automotive related industries.

A little bit more info

Hermeneut is a Horizon 2020 research and innovation project focusing on the economics of cyber security. Fostering a culture of risk management, Hermeneut provides individual organisations, as well as business sectors, with an innovative methodology for the dynamic assessment of vulnerabilities and corresponding tangible and intangible assets at risk.