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Geraldina Iraheta

Chief Commercial Officer

Chief Commercial Officer at Digital Catapult – the UK authority on advanced digital technology – Geraldina Iraheta is a senior leader, technologist, and strategist, passionate about turning innovative ideas into concrete commercial solutions. Her work supports the drive to build a culture of innovation across UK industry, empowering businesses to prosper and scale through the application of leading-edge digital technologies.

At Digital Catapult, Geraldina is responsible for developing R&D solutions into commercialisation with recent projects including the UK Digital Twin Centre which is focused on accelerating industry adoption of digital twins in the maritime, aerospace and defence sectors by removing major obstacles around costs and skills.

Geraldina’s wealth of experience includes her role as an advisor to King’s’ College London on the application of virtual reality for mental health, as well as advising investors and a range of startup businesses in the UK and internationally. Prior to this, she spearheaded Deutsche Telekom’s multi-million-pound digital health business in the UK.

Geraldina is committed to advancing digital technologies across a range of sectors from the creative industries to manufacturing. She is an advocate of promoting diversity and inclusion, leading by example to support women to advance their digital careers.