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Digital Catapult announces partnership with Springwise

Posted 30 Nov 2018

Digital Catapult, the UK’s leading advanced technology innovation centre and Springwise, the global source for innovation intelligence, have partnered to launch a content series including a report, podcast and event delving into the state of immersive technology in the UK.

London, [November 2018]: Digital Catapult and Springwise have joined forces to explore immersive technology and its impact, combining industry-led research and trend watching to provide detailed insight into the future of this fast-growing part of the digital economy in the UK and beyond.

Starting with immersive tech, the partnership has the potential to expand out into Digital Catapult’s other areas of expertise covering AI and 5G. In addition, Springwise will launch a special bespoke content subscription package for startup companies and those who are already part of an existing Digital Catapult programme.

Amanda Kamin, Director of Marketing, Communications and Events at Digital Catapult, said: “Springwise and Digital Catapult complement each other in many ways and this collaboration will enable us to combine our expertise to explore trends and innovations in the UK’s immersive landscape. We are both working to connect people in the startup and scaleup community with industry and academia, and Springwise’s incisive, thought-provoking content blends with and enhances our editorial offering and in-depth industry knowledge of the immersive sector.”

Springwise Managing Director Sophia Dempsey comments: “Springwise is excited to be partnering with Digital Catapult to explore the world of immersive technology, and deliver to our audience a deeper dive into the opportunities and challenges for innovators and businesses in this sector. Springwise has launched a host of new content in 2018 to help our global audience learn more about the thinking behind emerging technology and business ideas. We share a mission with Digital Catapult to discover new ways to solve big challenges and make connections and look forward to new collaborations coming out of our work together.”

The first podcast from the two organisations discusses the future of immersive technologies (virtual and augmented reality) with guests including Rebecca Gregory-Clarke, Digital Catapult’s Head of Technology – Immersive; Janosch Amstutz, Founder and CEO of HoloMe; Alex Kitching, co-Founder of Lume; and Linda Ligios, Managing Editor at Springwise. The podcast is available now on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Springwise is the leading UK based source for global intelligence in emerging technology and ideas, with an engaged community that helps to find cutting edge disruptive innovation. Its recent report, ‘The Future of Immersive Content Innovation Report 2018’, draws on a number of studies commissioned by Digital Catapult to explore the immersive industry in more depth and propose solutions for the development of new working methods and practices in the immersive sector.




About Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation Centre, driving early adoption of technologies to make UK businesses more competitive and productive to grow the country’s economy.

We connect large established companies, startup and scaleup businesses and researchers to discover new ways to solve big challenges in the manufacturing and creative industries. Through this collaboration businesses are supported to develop the right technologies to solve problems, increase productivity and open up new markets faster.

Digital Catapult provides physical and digital facilities for experimentation and testing that would otherwise not be accessible for smaller companies.

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About Springwise

Springwise is the global source for innovation intelligence since 2002. Powered by our community of over 350,000 thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, creative leaders and tech disruptors from all over the planet, Springwise delivers trusted content to an audience looking for the next big thing.

Every day, Springwise finds, curates and analyses the latest innovations emerging around the globe, with a mission to drive positive change, empower teams and point the way to the next disruptors across industry and technology. From 3D printed homes and edible drones to the latest immersive technology and developments in blockchain, Springwise is the antidote to trend reports that are already out of date the minute they are published. Tap into the extensive database of over 9,400 global innovations to receive personalised alerts, commission bespoke research and partner with Springwise for targeted scouting and innovation open calls. For more info, visit or email [email protected]