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About Digital Catapult

Accelerating UK advanced digital technology innovation and adoption to drive growth in high impact sectors of the UK economy.

Digital Catapult is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre, accelerating the adoption of new and emerging technologies to drive regional, national and international growth for UK businesses across the economy.

About Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult works with a range of organisations - including startups and scaleups, established businesses, investors, government and public sector, research and academia - to discover new ways of solving industry challenges, increase productivity and open up new markets.

We do this across a range of technologies that are converging to form an emerging advanced digital technology stack:

This stack is constantly evolving, with new technologies such as quantum computing on the horizon and cyber security included.

Digital Catapult designs and delivers specialised innovation programmes that drive UK leadership and economic growth. These take into consideration the important ethical and security implications of using these technologies at scale.

Innovation through collaboration

Digital Catapult breaks down barriers to technology adoption for startups and scaleups, de-risks innovation for large enterprises and uncovers new commercial applications, business models and products and services. 

  • Building and operating physical and digital facilities for experimentation, testing and demonstration that would not be available without our intervention
  • Delivering specialised innovation and acceleration programmes that foster collaboration, create opportunities and attract investment, by connecting innovative technology companies with the demand of industry challenges
  • Facilitate and deliver research and development to address sector-wide problems; piloting and building proofs of concept; and showcasing demonstrator projects that lead to the opening of new markets, better ways of doing business and the growth of the UK economy

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New academic engagements
Live projects and programmes
International partners engaged
Meaningful business engagements
Companies across our programmes, centres and labs
New industrial collaborations/partnerships developed
Digital Catapult has helped more than 90 startups raise over £140 million
Since its launch in 2013, companies that have worked with Digital Catapult have attracted over £4bn in investment funding