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Making the UK the best place in the world to create immersive content and applications.



Immersive technologies, encompassing virtual (VR), augmented (AR), mixed (MR) reality and haptics, are revolutionising how people interact with physical and virtual environments, and are increasingly being used to produce experiential content. The technologies enabling such experiences range from VR headsets and AR applications on smartphones, to location-based entertainment, attractions and events.

Immersive technology is already becoming commonplace in the creative sector, and innovative businesses in traditional industries are starting to benefit from its use in training, data visualisation and production. For example, VR and AR are being used in applications such as product design in component manufacture, health and safety training in hazardous manufacturing environments, and engaging with hyper-real digital humans that allow surgeons to practice virtually before working on live patients. These approaches are increasingly helping UK businesses to improve processes, drive down costs and create new efficiencies.

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We offer unrivalled access to the latest developments in immersive technologies, supporting the development of a strong UK immersive ecosystem that extends across multiple industry sectors, including creative and manufacturing. 

We have been instrumental in establishing programmes and facilities that reach into the UK’s immersive startup community, and have made a tangible contribution to maintaining Britain’s leading status within arts and culture. 

Investment and partnerships in facilities and programmes such as the Dimension volumetric capture studio, Imaginarium Studios, as well as Digital Catapult’s own Immersive Labs and CreativeXR have enabled a wide range of companies to create and demonstrate their work.

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