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Regional engagement

The importance of place

Digital Catapult works with partners across the UK, with centres in London, North East and Tees Valley, Northern Ireland and Brighton to provide localised and tailored services where they are needed.

It’s really vital to Digital Catapult to engage with regional stakeholders across the entire ecosystem.
Sarah Robb

Regional Engagement

At least 75% of the estimated 58,000 digital technology companies are based outside of London and nearly 70% of total UK digital technology investment in 2016 (over £4.5bn) was made into regional clusters beyond London (Tech Nation Report 2017). It is essential that Digital Catapult works with partners to provide localised and tailored services where they are needed regionally. Equally, there are strong clusters of the creative industries and the manufacturing base situated across the UK.

Digital Catapult already has centres across the UK, in London, North East & Tees Valley, Northern Ireland and Brighton. We are looking to deepen our existing local partnerships and develop a new presence in other regions.

Our aim is not to replicate the same focus in every location, each of the regional centres has a unique focus and is aligned with local strengths and characteristics to make the most of local expertise.

In this way we are creating a multi-stakeholder UK- wide network of digital and physical facilities and clusters, focused on driving local innovation and empowering local stakeholders to join forces with Digital Catapult’s national capabilities to build competitive digital business and become global leaders.

Our centres across the UK

Digital Catapult Centre London

London was the first centre we opened in November 2014 and also acts as our HQ. In its central location, opposite the British Library, it offers a range of facilities for businesses and academics to collaborate and discover, innovate with, test and demonstrate the latest digital technology. We regularly issue Open Calls and host events here as part of the innovation programmes we deliver. It is also the home of our first Immersive Lab, a state of the art immersive technology facility.

Digital Catapult Centre Brighton

Digital Catapult Centre Brighton works across the whole coast to capital region, which includes Croydon, the Gatwick area, West Sussex and Brighton itself.  The centre focuses on creative industries and the retail sector, generating value by supporting companies that are exploring and exploiting immersive and future network technologies.

Led by Coast to Capital LEP in collaboration with core delivery partners Wired Sussex and the University of Brighton, the Brighton centre offers innovation programmes and facilities that support small innovative businesses and promote the development and adoption of digital technologies. 

Our facilities in Brighton include the Immersive Lab Brighton, a state-of-the-art VR/AR facility and a 5G testbed, which helps to generate solutions that benefit from 5G connectivity. 

Digital Catapult Brighton is also partnering with organisations including American Express, the University of Sussex and Brighton & Hove City Council to deliver a range of projects.

Digital Catapult Centre North East & Tees Valley

The Digital Catapult Centre North East & Tees Valley (NETV) delivers the Digital Catapult strategy in the North East of England, primarily focusing on regional strengths including manufacturing and healthcare. Its main purpose is to enable startups and scaleups to work with large organisations, by educating traditionally non-digital companies on the value of emerging technologies. The team successfully run one of the Digital Catapult Immersive Labs and is ready to launch an Emerging Technology Centre (PROTO) in Summer 2018.
The NETV Centre has other key strategic aims including addressing market failure in other sectors – for example enabling the Third Sector to benefit from emerging technologies despite a current lack of understanding and financial limitations.

Digital Catapult Centre Northern Ireland

Digital Catapult Centre Northern Ireland works closely with a network of organisations from all over the region, who share in the mission of supporting companies based in Northern Ireland to scale and grow.

With a focus on cyber security and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the centre focuses on helping organisations work smarter, more efficiently and ultimately become more productive by realising and implementing innovative digital technologies. 

The centre promotes collaboration between industry and academia and provides access to other organisations in the wider Digital Catapult network.

Digital Catapult Centre Northern Ireland addresses business challenges and helps deliver digital solutions that can be repeated, scaled and exported, directly creating inward and outward commercial opportunities for the region.

Digital Catapult Centre Northern Ireland works closely with leading research universities (Queens University and Ulster University) and industry organisations (Catalyst Inc., Matrix, Invest NI and Digital Circle) to help springboard NI into global markets.