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A network of cutting edge innovation hubs, the ideal spaces for learning, testing and showcasing immersive solutions

Immersive Labs


Located across the UK and Northern Ireland the Immersive Labs are an expanding network of facilities that are supporting the UK’s growing immersive community.

Each space is equipped with a range of the latest augmented and virtual reality hardware and are available for hire by businesses of all sizes, academia and researchers.


The Immersive Labs are here to:

1. Foster the growth of immersive companies.

Digital Catapult built these facilities to encourage and support the UK’s growing immersive community in developing commercially viable immersive content and applications. The Labs provide an ideal place to test and demonstrate immersive experiences and demo their ideas to prospective clients, investors and partners.

2. Educate organisations about the potential that immersive has to transform industry.

Digital Catapult runs Immersive 101 sessions to help organisations explore the application of VR and AR technology and content in their sectors.

After launching in 2018, we are seeing the Labs become hubs of activity, growth and shared learning where experts, businesses, investors and academics can collaborate and progress immersive technologies in the UK.

How can I use the Immersive Labs?

As an immersive company, you can book any of our Immersive Labs. They are all equipped with the latest headsets, ideal for showcasing your immersive content and technologies.

We also have a wide range of specialist and exclusive kit, which can be used at different stages of the production of immersive content. Examples of this are:

  • Mixed Reality Green Screen LIV – Great for filming promotional material or Immersing large groups of people without use of a headset.
  • Haptic Gloves Manus – Allows developers to program tactile feedback for Immersed users, wearing the gloves.
  • Motion Capture Suit Perception Neuron – Great for mapping out human movement to 3D models.
  • Pupil tracking – For anyone interested in learning exactly what their users are reacting to, we have a variety of solutions across our Labs.

Each Immersive Lab is available for half day or full day bookings.


Want to meet the London team?

Digital Catapult in London runs bimonthly breakfast briefings. These are informal network briefings over coffee, providing an opportunity to learn more about Digital Catapult, experience the Immersive Lab and meet some of the team.

For details about the next event, and to sign up, please visit our events page.

Immersive Lab locations 

New England House, The FuseBox, New England St, Brighton BN1 4GH

Digital Catapult Centre, 101 Euston Road, London, NW1 2RA

Northern Ireland
The Telegraph Building, 124-144 Royal Avenue, Belfast, BT1 1ND

North East & Tees Valley
Northern Design Centre, Abbott’s Hill, Gateshead NE8 3DF


Our nationwide network of Immersive Labs are hubs for innovation. They are available for business who are working with immersive technologies to book for demonstrations, specialist development, and showcases. We provide introductory sessions to help organisations explore the huge potential of VR and AR technology and content.


Lab sponsors

With thanks to our Immersive Lab sponsors

A place where companies can come and demonstrate their immersive solutions.
Rebecca Gregory-Clarke

Lead Technologist, Immersive Technology, Digital Catapult

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