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Augmentor is a 10-week programme supporting early stage businesses developing innovative and commercially-focused applications of augmented and virtual reality


Augmentor gives companies technical and business mentorship, access to state-of-the-art facilities and support to confidently pitch their ideas directly at an exclusive investor showcase.

In partnering with some of the world’s leading investment funds, Augmentor gives investors a much greater understanding of advanced augmented and virtual reality technology. It enables Digital Catapult to discover businesses with the most commercially viable solutions and gives them the skills to approach investors confidently.

The programme supports companies at or past concept stage and concludes with an investor showcase, which stimulates UK private investment into companies developing innovative and commercially-focused applications of augmented and virtual reality.

Augmentor offers early stage businesses developing innovative and commercially-focused applications of augmented and virtual reality the following benefits:

  • Masterclasses: Exclusive masterclasses to accelerate the development of your business
  • Access to Facilities: Access to Digital Catapult’s state-of-the-art immersive facilities including the Immersive Labs and Dimension Studio
  • Research: Introductions to leading universities to lead collaborative research and development with PhD students
  • Sales and Partnerships: Digital Catapult opens doors to public sector and larger businesses 
  • Investment: Discover alternative sources of funding, build relationships with leading investors and pitch at an exclusive investment showcase

In 2017 Augmentor led to:

  • Participants raising over £1,500,000 in investment from investors who attended and all in less than six months after the programme ended.
  • Participants winning nearly £250,000 in public support grants for company research & development.
  • The development of a diverse range of businesses with tools or solutions applicable to design, e-commerce, education, entertainment, healthcare, hardware, sports and simulation.
  • Support from 30 mentors, including five investment firms and the remaining majority in executive roles.
  • Three universities providing access to research communities and cutting-edge facilities.
  • Six companies selected in health, manufacturing, creative industries or those developing solutions to support the development of immersive technologies.
  • 160 investors engaging at the Augmentor investor showcase through company pitches that were recorded and shared with all registrants.
  • Applications from 10 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, Spain and India.

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Augmentor discovers and supports companies developing the most innovative and commercially-focused immersive applications. It offers access to facilities, mentoring, partnerships and stimulates private investment.

Investors and partners

Augmentor boasts some of the world’s leading investors and technology partners.

Augmentor brought focus to our company and helped us get ready for, and secure, our recent investment round.
Oluwaseyi Sosanya

Founder, Gravity Sketch

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