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UK 5G ecosystem mapping

An impartial, evidence-based view of the current state of the UK 5G ecosystem

5G Mapping

The deployment of commercial 5G in the UK is planned to start as soon as 2020. An active ecosystem of businesses and stakeholders has emerged which is establishing a wide variety of 5G capabilities with differing views and plans for trials, testbeds and deployments being proposed.

Digital Catapult launches first ever report on the UK’s 5G landscape, read more and download the report here.

5G’s importance cannot be overstated. The future development of digital applications in the UK economy is underpinned by the success of 5G connectivity infrastructure which must include understanding the opportunities and current activities, generating demand and coordinating innovation actions across UK industry, academia and local government.

To support the UK’s leadership in 5G, Digital Catapult is leading an Innovate UK funded project that will deliver an impartial, evidence-based view of the current state of the UK 5G ecosystem.

Its goal is to identify the full spectrum of 5G actors in the UK and their activities, the technological readiness levels (TRLs) they are targeting, and help to understand the opportunities and challenges being faced in adoption, deployment and local demand for 5G.

Between October 2017 and March 2018 Digital Catapult engaged with the 5G ecosystem to provide a comprehensive overview of the national landscape for 5G. We conducted new research, leveraged existing market research, conducted interviews with stakeholders across the board, hosted a series of open consultations and workshops, and commissioned six focused local area studies throughout the UK to produce a capabilities and opportunities map.

The resulting report represents an up-to-date, comprehensive, fair, inclusive and evidence-based view of the UK 5G ecosystem, activities and demand. It provides the foundations for industry and 5G policy makers to help them deliver the ambitions expressed in the UK 5G Strategy.

As part of this project, Digital Catapult has worked closely with the 5G Innovation Network, expected to be launched in early 2018.

For more information please contact Dr Dritan Kaleshi, Lead Technologist – Future Networks and 5G Fellow at the Digital Catapult [email protected]

Future networks

5G is at its inflection point where visions of its future potential are being transformed into a realistic delivery plan for creating its infrastructure.

UK 5G Ecosystem