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Machine Learning Platforms

Posted 6 Feb 2020

Machine learning (ML) platforms reduce the time and cost of integrating the technology into software applications for organisations of all levels of ML maturity. Machine learning platforms come in different formats: and can be ready-made or custom-built, based on open-source or commercial software.

This Digital Catapult report provides a survey of ready-made platforms, presented into different types; starting with those aimed at general users, all the way to platforms that enable machine learning experimentation and optimisation. It shows how startups and larger organisations can benefit from utilising machine learning platforms and identifies their limitations.

It can also inspire the design of custom-built platforms, which can serve two different purposes:

  • Internal usage to accelerate machine learning efforts
  • Selling access to generate economic growth

Written in collaboration between and Digital Catapult, predominantly for users and potential users of machine learning platforms, including, software developers, product managers, data scientists, and domain experts. It will also be of interest to those who would like to learn how machine learning can help improve products, software applications, and processes, but who do not have the time to go through all the options.