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Immersive content formats for future audiences

Posted 27 Jun 2018

Innovate UK’s recent Knowledge Transfer Network report on The Immersive Economy in the UK estimates that Britain has around 1,000 immersive-specialist companies employing around 4,500 people and potentially representing as much as 9% of global market share. UK Creative Industries have a huge amount to contribute to this emerging immersive sector, not least because many of the skills involved are derived from different corners of this thriving, diverse and crucial part of the economy (such as film, TV, games, visual effects, etc).

This report on Immersive Content Formats for Future Audiences, conducted by Limina Immersive for Digital Catapult, takes a look back at the range of creative, immersive content experiences released in the last 4-5 years; identifying patterns, trends and insights into the formats that are beginning to emerge. By taking a step towards a taxonomy that describes these new creative formats, we hope to improve the way that we understand and share thinking about the future of immersive content, and ultimately move closer to finding the most engaging and sustainable forms of new media for our future audiences.