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Challenges to Responsible AI Adoption

Posted 7 Jul 2021

In January 2020, Digital Catapult convened the Industry Working Group, with its members assembled from UK-based organisations actively engaged in AI deployment and procurement. The objective was to define what a working group of industry peers can do to advance best practices and responsible AI adoption.

The Challenges to Responsible AI Adoption report examines the findings and recommendations of the Working Group, including:

  • the challenges facing responsible AI adoption
  • the roles seen in AI supply chains and the connections between them
  • how to maximise opportunities in AI adoption while mitigating risk
  • the ethical implications of AI supply chains and how to build trust

The outcome of these Working Group meetings was the AI Supply Chain of Assurances, proposed as a method to advance widespread, sustainable adoption of responsible AI.

KnowRisk project

The KnowRisk project, a consortium-led Digital Catapult project will examine what a chain of assurances could look like in a federated setting and invite stakeholders in AI supply chains to collaborate on this project and contribute case studies.

If you are interested in contributing a case study or finding out more about the Working Group, please contact us at: [email protected]