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Latest group of 10 AI startups joins Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage

Posted 21 Sep 2020

Established in 2017 to solve the problem of startups not having access to the vast amount of compute power needed by artificial intelligence and machine learning startups to train their models, Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage has grown to provide expertise and mentoring to help companies develop to reach their full potential. As part of this commitment to the next generation of AI startups, Machine Intelligence Garage established an Ethics Committee that gives startups on the programme unprecedented access to some of the finest minds in AI ethics in the UK.

Digital Catapult is excited to welcome another ten startups to Machine Intelligence Garage, providing a range of AI and ML products, platforms and services that cover a diverse number of sectors and needs: from livestock to market research, interactive podcasting to neural network technology.

The cohort startups are:

  • CattleEye – CattleEye is a video analytics platform powered by deep learning which provides insights to livestock farmers and the wider supply chain to increase farm efficiencies and improve animal welfare.
  • DIEM Analytics – DIEM Analytics enables better decision making by combining visual representations of a problem and small-group interviews to capture users’ experiences in different scenarios, creating ‘explainable AI’, augmented intelligence and ‘sparse data’ AI.
  • Digital Taxonomy – Digital Taxonomy provides software that combines the power of AI and human interaction to help automate and streamline the market research industry.
  • Entale Media Limited – Entale is an interactive podcast platform that uses a combination of AI and manual curation to generate engaging content for listeners and unique monetisation opportunities for publishers.
  • Luffy AI – Luffy AI is developing a next-generation AI technology that expands the horizon of AI beyond data science and compute-dense infrastructure. The neural network technology offers significantly higher “capability per watt” than current AI frameworks – packing more intelligence into smaller systems.
  • Maaind – Maaind is a neurotechnology and AI company building human-centered and trustable AI for understanding and improving the human mind.
  • Open Climate Fix – a new non-profit research and development lab focused on using machine learning to fix climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as rapidly as possible using an open sourced approach.
  • OpenQuery – Providing ways of making synthetic databases for internal development and testing or for exporting anonymised copies of personal data to third parties.
  • Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd – Sundance’s solutions include highly efficient and low power consumption embedded platforms optimised for running deep learning algorithms used for performing autonomous navigation and for other general computer vision applications. Such solutions are fundamental for the new generation of robotics and autonomous systems.
  • Xentric AI – Xentric provides a platform for voice and text bots automating user interactions.

Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult commented: “We’re super excited to welcome the next cohort to the Machine Intelligence Garage. This cohort is really eclectic in its range and yet every company demonstrates how AI and machine learning are being used to address very real contemporary challenges, from a video analytics platform to improve animal welfare, to platforms aimed at reducing carbon emissions, to low powered embeddable solutions. We’re looking forward to seeing how the companies progress and how they will benefit from the deep dives into our evolving ethics framework and the engagement with our mentors, our investor partners and with each other.”

Machine Intelligence Garage cohort companies have raised equity investment after working with Digital Catapult of around £29 million, and the programme has enabled companies such as Greyparrot, that recently received over £2.75 million in seed funding after the Investor Showcase. Find out more at