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Dimension launches new Partner Programme

Posted 24 Apr 2018

Dimension launches new Partner Programme and cross-platform SDKs to create amazing AR, MR and VR experiences featuring realistic virtual humans.

LONDON, 24th April 2018: Today state-of-the-art volumetric and 3D capture studio, Dimension, unveils its Partner Programme, and the release of its SDKs so that developers can create amazing new apps and experiences featuring volumetric video.

The Partner Programme provides early access to the Windows Desktop, VR, iOS and Android SDKs, and Dimension is inviting applicants to join and be the first to create next generation AR, MR, VR experiences featuring volumetric video using Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture.

Simon Windsor, Co-founder & Joint MD, Hammerhead, Dimension, said: “Virtual and augmented worlds need believable virtual humans so that we can meet our heroes and connect with their stories. With an estimated 1 billion smartphones now AR enabled, Dimension has seen strong demand for mobile support and today we are excited to introduce our Partner Programme enabling companies and creatives to develop even richer AR experiences, with believable virtual humans at their heart.”

As part of the programme partners will receive the AR and VR applications to preview sample captures for Windows Desktop, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, iOS and Android; the tools, plugins, documentation and sample projects to help developers build their own applications with Unity and Unreal Engine 4; and a selection of volumetric captures to test and have fun with.

Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult comments; “This is a smart step forward for Dimension and represents a new stage in their partnership with the Microsoft Mixed Realities team. The Partnership Programme is an important new way to enable companies to collaborate with the studio and to develop more game-changing content and applications. The ability to incorporate realistic digital figures within content for use across platforms will benefit developers making apps serving all kinds of industries, from entertainment to manufacturing. It will give more brands, celebrities and personalities the opportunity to engage with fans by means of this exciting new medium.”

Dimension has been working with clients to bring characters to life on mobile AR. Their latest collaboration is with Sky and brings sporting experiences even closer to fans. Dimension captured world heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, so that users of the MySky app can watch him dodge, punch and parry in the palm of their hands, and just touches on the applications for the sports and entertainment.