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Digital Catapult selects 13 cutting edge startups to join Machine Intelligence Garage

Posted 28 Apr 2020

Established in 2017 to solve the problem of startups not having access to the vast amount of compute power needed by AI and machine learning startups to train their models, Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage has grown by demand to not only provide expertise and mentoring to help companies grow and develop, but to also help empower entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential. In 2018, Machine Intelligence Garage established an Ethics Committee that gives startups on the programme unprecedented access to some of the finest minds in AI ethics in the UK.

Digital Catapult is excited to welcome another 13 startups to Machine Intelligence Garage, providing a range of AI and ML products, platforms and services that cover a diverse number of sectors and needs: from data and analytics on road network deterioration, to helping disabled people move around independently, and from aiding investors in cutting through media noise to find the next best investment, to disruptive voice automation and analytics software set to revolutionise working life across multiple sectors. The cohort startups are:

  • Aflorithmic Labs – A technology platform that turns generic content into hyper-personalised audio products. It’s technology is also being used to support ongoing positive development and mental health of children, families and elderly people coping with the challenges caused by COVID-19 lockdown confinement.
  • Alchemy Machines – Creating industry-agnostic, bleeding-edge voice automation software initially focused on the legal sector that aims to revolutionise workflow processes across multiple industries.
  • Antiverse – Developing a platform for discovering better antibody drugs faster, as well as against these undruggable targets, ultimately providing better medicines for all.
  • Balkerne – A platform for the property sector which provides comprehensive and live property specific risk information to empower property owners and operators to understand risk and take action.
  • CityMaaS – A machine learning platform that uses crowd-sourced data to provide real time, personalised accessibility information and mobility services to help businesses to be inclusive of people with disabilities, and to help those people with disabilities to travel efficiently and live independently.
  • Ectropy Technologies – A cloud-first fintech startup providing an end-to-end digital platform for the global asset management industry
  • Lab 1 – Providing businesses with data and insights from hidden and difficult to reach communities from emerging social media platforms to the dark web.
  • Machine Medicine Technologies – Aims to accelerate understanding of the brain and neuro-therapeutics by providing affordable, convenient and interpretable tools for the measurement of behaviour.
  • Mobilized Construction – An award winning startup that provides real-time data and machine-learning/AI analytics to monitor and forecast road network road deterioration.
  • Premind AI – Predicts market anomalies caused by mass and social media for professional investors to outperform the market, reduce investment risks and optimise trade execution.
  • Raven Science Ltd – An intelligent crawler developed to provide an automated search mechanism for videos with extremist content on social media platforms.
  • WildMeta – Using machine learning to build smart bots that work with and for humans to help them develop their skills at competitive video games.
  • Yepic AI – Creating personalised video content, Yepic is developing an AI-powered video generator that allows brands to create videos from only an audio or text file to better engage with customers, staff and partners.

Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult commented: “Three years after launching, and with over 80 alumni startups, it remains incredibly exciting to welcome some of the best and brightest artificial intelligence and machine learning startups to Machine Intelligence Garage. Together they represent a huge range of sectors, all using AI in very interesting and unique ways. Now more than ever we need this kind of innovation to prove the potential for AI and ML to make a difference to our personal and professional lives.”

Machine Intelligence Garage is one of Digital Catapult’s flagship accelerator programmes, and has so far onboarded more than 80 startups, including a recent cross-technology cohort that looked at the applications of AI and IoT. Machine Intelligence Garage cohort companies have raised equity investment after working with Digital Catapult of around £21 million, and the programme has enabled companies such as to expand internationally and offer their services around the world. Find out more at