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Digital Catapult makes a splash at CreaTech 2018

Posted 12 Jun 2018

Digital Catapult cements its position as the UK’s leading agency for the early adoption of advanced digital technologies

London, 12 June 2018 – Digital Catapult will share expertise and demonstrate the growing importance of applying innovative new digital technologies into the creative industries at CreaTech 2018. The innovation centre is playing a leading role in the London Tech Week event focusing on businesses in the ‘Createch’ sector.

Jeremy Silver, the CEO of Digital Catapult, will participate in an expert panel discussing how immersive, AI and Machine Learning, IoT and blockchain technologies will impact UK businesses. Rebecca Gregory-Clark, Lead Technologist, Immersive Technologies at Digital Catapult, will also chair a session on immersive formats and future audiences, and how both will impact the future of creative media.

Over the past 20 years, the creative industries have been shaped by the adoption of new technologies, such as immersive technologies, which have impacted consumption models and methods of content production.

Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult, comments: ‘“The intersection between the creative and technology sectors holds huge potential for the UK economy.

“Augmented and virtual reality, are opening up fascinating opportunities for UK content production companies, but the landscape is still very fragmented. Our Immersive Technology programme is all about helping to bring the sector together and increase its global competitiveness.’’

Rebecca Gregory-Clarke, Lead Technologist, Digital Catapult, adds: “The UK’s immersive sector is one of the best and fastest growing in the world – but the US still holds the greatest market share. Collaboration across various creative industry sectors (TV, film, games, visual effects, theatre, music, etc.)​ will be key to increasing the UK’s slice of this rapidly growing pie.​”​

The United Kingdom is internationally recognised as one of the leading centres of for the creative industries. It is estimated to be worth £92 billion, employs two million people and is growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy. It is heavily digitised and well positioned to continue its strong growth trajectory with the development of new technologies.. The CreaTech Conference is aiming to reinforce London’s position as the global capital of creativity.

The day after the conference Digital Catapult will be taking part in the “Createch Open House” tour targeted at international visitors to London Tech Week. Other stops on the tour will include Imagination, Facebook, and Nexus Studios to show off the latest technology capabilities. Digital Catapult will be hosting a private tour of its Immersive Lab. Later on that week the company is hosting an event ‘Transforming Designer Fashion with Immersive Technologies’ to bring together the UK’s immersive (VR/AR) ecosystem and the fashion industry.

To find out more about Immersive Labs or how Digital Catapult is working towards the collaboration between digital technologies and creativity, please visit