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Harnessing IoT technology to manage waste disposal

IoT Solutions Group, a Digital Catapult Platinum Award winner, has developed a range of solutions that helps its clients make smart decisions and improve the efficiency of their operations. One of its solutions helps organisations make waste management more efficient, reduce environmental impact and reduce potential damage to assets. Working with components from STMicroelectronics, its LPWAN sensors monitor the fill and status of bins, providing real-time reporting and actionable insight so that waste disposal can be managed more effectively.

IoT Solutions Group delivers scalable solutions across the whole value chain, including hardware, software, network connectivity and insight for organisations of all sizes.

Support for a winning proposal

IoT Solutions Group responded to a Digital Catapult open call for FED4SAE funding applications. This funding would give the team greater capacity and enable them to scale up and market products and services in Europe. With input from Digital Catapult, the IoT Solutions Group proposal was successful, resulting in €58,000 in funding from the Horizons 2020 FED4SAE project.

Before applying for the FED4SAE project, IoT Solutions Group had already won three Digital Catapult innovation challenges set by local authorities. It is also a Future Networks Lab showcase company and has participated in marketing bootcamps and Investors’ Breakfasts.

Neal Forse, Co-founder of IoT Solutions Group said “Whilst we are experts in the field of IoT, having worked in the industry for a number of years, starting our own organisation presented a variety of fresh challenges, so the support of Digital Catapult gave us a huge boost in confidence, as well as providing access to specialist expertise and independent perspectives. Along with access to funding, they helped us build a corporate CV and enhance our approach to the market. Having their backing has also shown that we are investable, and providing us with valuable credibility.”

Since then, the IoT Solutions Group team has taken part in a focused Digital Catapult investor event and worked with STMicroelectronics at trade shows, promoting the business outside the UK.

The team is proud to have closed an investment funding round after COVID-19 lockdown began, which is a testament to the value proposition offered.

Digital Catapult support

The close relationship with Digital Catapult has hugely impacted IoT Solutions Group, helping it to gain traction within a target market early on. The relationship has opened fresh opportunities to launch products in Europe, recently obtaining new major business leads.

Digital Catapult has provided IoT Solutions Group with:

  • help with proposal preparation, business planning, and market positioning and pricing
  • support for integration of the STM32 microcontroller
  • intensive pitch training
  • facilitating introductions to investors at a Digital Catapult event in February 2020
  • the opportunity to feature its product in the Future Networks Lab showcase, to be seen by visiting companies, innovators and potential customers

Building a diverse portfolio

IoT Solutions Group has also developed a range of solutions to help public and private sector organisations respond to COVID-19 and other operational challenges that affect its customers and residents.

One such example is an aid to vulnerable social care users that discreetly monitors activity levels and raises alerts if expected activity falls below pre-determined thresholds – indicating a potential accident or illness. This early warning system helps care providers prioritise service users in most need and optimise resource allocation. The device is simply posted out to the recipient, sits on a kitchen windowsill and needs no switches to be turned on or batteries to worry about.

Without the FED4SAE funding and Digital Catapult support, the research and development needed to diversify would not have been possible.

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Winner of Digital Catapult’s Platinum Award in the IoT Category

Featuring in the Future Networks Lab showcase, seen by visiting corporations, innovators and potential customers