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Working with Exa-Informatics

Posted 4 May 2016

We’ve just published our latest case study with Exa-Informatics and caught up with Nick Trigg, CEO, to find out more about his experience and tips on working with the Digital Catapult.

When was your business first established?

Summer 2015

Describe your business/product/solution in 150 words or less:

Exa is an expert in handling large datasets, combining them and allowing end users to access this data securely. Its services cover the Internet of Things and Open datasets. This allows end users to share only their own data that they wish to share. This builds trust between the collecting organisation and the end user customer. In addition, the company combines open datasets available from the internet giving the user real-time access to information for immediate decision making.

What are the end user benefits of your business?

Greater trust between the end user and the company providing the service or more real-time data to enable accurate decision making. There is a new EU directive that requires companies to obtain specific permission from their customers/end users. This technology allows this to happen.

Which of the Digital Catapult focus areas does your business work in?

Sharing closed data between organisations, sharing open data between organisations and sharing content and licensed data more simply.

When did you first get involved with the Digital Catapult?

We won a competition called EuroCPS to develop an Internet of Things secure platform.

How and why did you first start working with the Digital Catapult?

We worked with them as part of the EuroCPS project and have since then joined the Contributor programme to engage further with the excellent networking events that they hold.

What would you advise to anyone interested in working with the Digital Catapult?

Without question, get involved! The Catapult is fantastically helpful in providing useful and interesting contacts. It holds many events all of which are interesting and relevant. It is an excellent place to generate ideas and business.

What have been your main outputs of your work with the Digital Catapult?

The project is progressing well and we are showing it to potential customers in Europe. We have also leveraged the work into other projects of work.

What has been your proudest moment since working at Exa-Informatics?

Each time we win a contract to do work!

Find out more about Exa-Informatics on their website and by reading their case study, where we explore the outputs of our work together. You can also follow Exa-Informatics on Twitter @exainformatics. Don’t forget to follow us too @DigiCatapult and follow our case study hashtag #digicasestudy.

If you’ve got a story to tell about your work with the Digital Catapult, please email [email protected] to chat about becoming one of our next case studies.