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Technology business support and updates during COVID-19

Posted 14 Apr 2020

COVID-19 is impacting the technology industry, like many others, and presents its own challenges for individuals and organisations of all sizes. However, technology also has a huge part to play in the fight against this pandemic as the tech ecosystem has the opportunity to help find new solutions to challenges, to inspire new and exciting applications, and to contribute to rebuilding an economy for recovery on the other side.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted every person and organisation in the country – including Digital Catapult. Since the outbreak started business continuity measures have been put in place following guidance from the UK Government and public health advice. Digital Catapult’s offices are currently closed for all meetings and visits, staff are now working remotely and virtually for the foreseeable future, and all events have been moved online.

Digital Catapult is carrying on with business as usual – running a large programme of industry events and business support activities and contributing actively to the innovation strategies of many UK companies. This support continues.

Times like these reveal the power of collaboration and mutual support to overcome the most extreme and unexpected challenges. Digital Catapult is committed to supporting a number of national initiatives in response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, using in-house expertise and connections to the ecosystem to assist these efforts and more.

It is great to see the high-tech response from startups, large businesses and individuals in the UK, working together and innovating to help save lives, banding together to help the most vulnerable and trying to keep businesses afloat.

Some things may have changed for good but, as we start to look beyond the immediate crisis, we hope that we can retain some of the positive elements that have emerged from these extraordinary challenges. We will eventually return to a new normal with a focus on supporting UK economic recovery, developing a new resilience and finding new ways to reduce carbon emissions in the longer term. Hopefully we will retain some of the best aspects of recent technology adoption and create new agile ways of adapting and operating as the economy is restored to growth.

Digital Catapult has collated some resources, including advice, guidance, and how to navigate business during this period:

These are extraordinary times, as we navigate a way through this challenging period. Digital Catapult will continue to support the UK’s high-growth businesses towards recovery.