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Digital Catapult Platinum Awards: Meet the Judges

Posted 18 Nov 2019

Digital technology has empowered human-kind to solve some of the most fundamental societal problems facing our world, that just a few years ago may have seemed unfathomable.

From creating digital neural maps to advance medical science and our understanding of the human brain, to using technology to make mining operations efficient, sustainable and safe, artificial intelligence empowers us to share information and make data-driven decisions about our futures with confidence. Breakthroughs in immersive technology have allowed us to foster and celebrate creativity and culture in previously unthinkable ways, from multi-sensory sonic theme parks, to using VR to create documentaries about issues of social justice. 5G, the internet of things and Low Power Wide Area Networks are granting us the ability to develop new ways of driving, living, and interacting with one another that improves our day to day experiences and makes us more connected than ever.

The UK digital sector is at the forefront of this innovation, and it is forward-thinking business leaders creating a culture of innovation and experimentation who are required to accelerate growth and uptake of new ideas. Without investment and willingness to open new doors for burgeoning technology, it’s likely that many of the world’s most powerful ideas could stay in R&D departments and academia.

This is why we’re honoured – as the leading innovation agency in the UK – to be joined by some of the UK’s most illustrious leaders at the forefront of our rich and diverse tech scene, who will be judging the 2019 winners of our first ever Digital Catapult Platinum Awards. Each and every one of our judges are leading figures in tech, manufacturing and the creative industries and they have been working diligently behind the scenes to choose a shortlist of the most ground-breaking and advanced digital technologies to honour at our ceremony on 26th November. We’re both honoured and delighted to have the following judges involved, alongside Digital Catapult’s own CEO, author, angel/investor and entrepreneur, Jeremy Silver, and would like to thank them for their involvement:

  • Sam Brown, Programme Manager, Doteveryone
  • Scott Carey, Group Editor, IDG Media
  • Paul Clarke, CTO, Ocado
  • Alissa Dhaliwal, Head of Innovation, CBI
  • Marcus du Sautoy FRS OBE, Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford
  • Priya Guha, Venture Partner and member of Innovate UK Council
  • Dame Wendy Hall, Regius Professor of Computer Science; Non-Executive Director, Digital Catapult
  • Imogen Heap, Singer-songwriter, Producer and Engineer
  • Mark Melling, Head of RYOT Studio EMEA, Verizon Media
  • Rob Prevett, Co Founder & CEO, Disruption
  • Liz Rosenthal, Founder & CEO, Power to the Pixel; programmer, Venice International Film Festival; Executive Producer CreativeXR
  • Alexander Woolf, Director, Huddle

An exclusive group of just eight of the best and brightest UK startups from the shortlist will be recognised at Digital Catapult’s 2019 Platinum Awards, and the winners will be announced at an exclusive event on 26 November. To register your interest in attending the Platinum Awards and for future updates please, please sign up here.

If you’re a large or small business and you’re interested in working with Digital Catapult’s broad network to help deliver digital services to market, get in touch today at [email protected]. From running pilot projects to delivering large scale initiatives, our innovative consultancy fixes real problems for your business.