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Consortium assembles to deliver C3ISP project dedicated to help the fight against cyber crime

Posted 3 Aug 2017

The Horizon 2020 R&D funded project is dedicated to creating innovations in sharing information to help fight against cyber crime and will also look to develop a protection framework for exploring cyber security management services.

Digital Catapult has today announced that it is part of a consortium of industry and research institutions, SMEs and innovation promoters that are working together to help deliver the C3ISP project. Focused on cyber security, the Horizon 2020 R&D funded project has been created to encourage new ways of sharing information in a flexible and controllable manner.

Acknowledging the critical role data sharing plays in the fight against cyber crime, the project will run across a collective multi-domain environment. It is designed to improve detection of cyber threats and response capabilities, while also preserving the confidentiality of the shared sensitive information.

With a mission to develop a protection framework for exploring cyber security management services, C3ISP aims to create an efficient and flexible framework for secure data analytics through the development of a dedicated platform. C3ISP allows data access and analytics operations to be automatically regulated by multi-stakeholders and in addition, the project will facilitate data sharing agreements to ensure access to sensitive data is limited by sophisticated cryptographic and stochastic mechanisms.

In particular, C3ISP will look to address some of the key challenges around the compliant sharing of cybersecurity related information, from threat reports and sensor vulnerability data to systems logs. The project will address the issue from a “compliance by design” approach to ensure regulatory requirements are factored into the early stages of data sharing agreements.

It will then look to validate the framework through four pilots covering distinctive markets; enterprise security, governmental CERTS, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and SMEs seeking cyber security protection through managed security services.

The project will be co-ordinated by Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche – CNR, with consortium partners including BT, Chino, Digital Catapult, HPE, CEA, GPS, ISCOM-MISE, SAP, UniKent and 3D Repo.

From the scientific to the industrial community and wider audiences, C3ISP is designed to ensure that key learnings from the project can be shared and acted upon by all once it is complete.

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