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Creative Industries

Increasing applied research, development and innovation in advanced digital technologies for the creative industries.

The advanced technologies the Digital Catapult is focusing on are enabling new opportunities in business model, in content, and in underlying technical services.
Matt Ward

Senior Manager, Creative, Digital Catapult

Creative Industries

The creative industries: film, TV, music, fashion, design, arts, architecture, publishing, advertising, video games and crafts, are at the core of the UK’s cultural identity. Their contribution to the UK economy is just as significant.

The sector accounts for £92 billion of Gross Value Added (GVA) and two million jobs. While it makes up five percent of the economy by value, it accounts for nine percent of employment and the same proportion of UK service exports. During the last five years, employment in the creative industries has increased by more than 20 percent as compared with 7.5 percent for the economy as a whole, making it one of the fastest growing sectors of the UK economy. 

To ensure the creative industries remain resilient and can exploit the opportunities that advanced digital technologies present, large-scale investment, interventions and collaboration are essential.

This is why Digital Catapult is prioritising programmes and facilities to increase productivity and competitiveness, and drive innovation in technologies such as Immersive, 5G and distributed ledger technologies. As these technologies present particular opportunities for driving new content markets, products, services and applications, they also drive collaboration between creative content makers, technologists and researchers, and enhance experiences and accessibility for audiences.   

Digital Catapult is delivering increased research and development (R&D) and innovation in advanced digital technologies across the creative industries – not only around content production and technology development, but also the creative processes, problem solving and development that precedes them. Helping UK businesses to overcome barriers in undertaking R&D will further maximise opportunities in relation to exploiting IP, investment and collaboration.

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