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Supporting innovative new technology businesses with the resources needed for success.

How we help

Supporting innovative new technology businesses with the resources, mentorship, collaboration and support needed for success. Startups benefit from being part of this nationwide innovation community, and the advantages that such connections and relationships can bring:

  • Mentoring through key stages of the development process, such as prototyping, testing and roadmapping
  • Peer-to-peer networking and collaboration
  • Access to research and academic partners
  • Opportunities to create solutions that address specific industry challenges
  • Access to funding opportunities, investors and showcase events
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Who we’ve helped

Dambusters Case Study Header

All Seeing Eye

All Seeing Eye uses immersive technologies to enhance storytelling and experiential marketing. The aim is to convey the entirety of…

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Blokur combines blockchain technology and machine learning to provide a definitive record of music rights – the most accurate source…

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DIEM Analytics Ltd

DIEM Analytics enables better decision making by combining visual representations of a problem and small-group interviews to capture users’ experiences…

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