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Exploring how distributed ledger technology (DLT) can be used to securely and accurately share data from additive manufacturing (AM)

Digital Catapult is partnering with Valuechain to help deliver VITALam, a project that explores how distributed ledger technology (DLT) can be used to securely and accurately share data between companies engaged in additive manufacturing (AM) for aerospace.

VITALam is funded by the UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute and will revolutionise how AM intelligence is securely captured and shared along the supply chain between digital aerospace factories, accelerating AM uptake in the UK (additive manufacturing being the formal term for ‘3D printing’).

Digital Catapult is supporting the project by providing its distributed systems expertise to help develop the underlying infrastructure for the secure real-time sharing of digital AM data, to feed into Valuechain’s new AI analytics tools.

This project involves developing and commercialising a shared digital platform to optimise AM and provide a scalable, intelligent and collaborative solution for all tiers of the aerospace manufacturing supply chain.

This digital AM ecosystem will enable stakeholders (such as aerospace original equipment manufacturers – OEMs – and AM agencies, plant vendors, materials vendors and post-processing suppliers) to securely exchange and benefit from real-time intelligence and performance monitoring to optimise product quality and productivity levels. This will accelerate aerospace’s game-changing AM technology advances, which have the potential to disrupt all advanced manufacturing sectors with more economical and environmentally friendly component design and production techniques.

The main project output will be a working prototype solution that will be piloted by Airbus and several startups and scaleups.