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IoT for Local Authorities

Helping local authorities to accelerate understanding and adoption of internet of things technologies

The IoT for Local Authorities Programme developed by Digital Catapult and Connected Places Catapult is designed for councils and local authorities, environmental, health or social care organisations, government bodies, or service delivery providers. The programme enables local authorities and supporting organisations to benefit from internet of things (IoT) adoption and to access deep technical expertise through a challenge-led approach.

The internet of things (IoT) and other advanced digital technologies can enable local authorities and councils to deliver better services and efficiently manage local infrastructure. Deploying advanced technologies can dramatically bring down costs and spark innovation within local boroughs by providing vast amounts of actionable and insightful data. Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, key challenges faced by local authorities and their economies and communities need to be managed through the transition from emergency response activity into long-term recovery support.

Participants in this unique cross Catapult programme, obtain a detailed understanding of the IoT landscape and the opportunity to connect and work with leading IoT startups to solve real world challenges faced by local authorities.They will spend time with highly experienced product leads, engineers and technologists in the IoT space, as well as connecting with the UK’s leading startups and scaleups within the innovation community.

Digital Catapult – accelerating early adoption of advanced digital technologies in the UK.

Connected Places Catapult – helping British businesses to address the grand challenges of today in order to create connected places, fit for the future.

The two Catapults combine deep technical expertise with place based expertise, to present a programme which utilises a challenge-led approach to solving issues.

The IoT for Local Authorities Programme has been designed specifically for local authorities with challenges in the following areas:

  • Critical infrastructure – waste management, recycling, water usage monitoring, utility usage, electricity metering
  • Built Environment – street lighting, smart parking, road monitoring, building monitoring
  • Wellbeing – connected alarms, fall and accident detection, home security, medicine tracking, activity monitoring, public safety
  • Public space – people flow, public safety, urban noise maps, air quality monitoring
  • Mobility – public transport monitoring, people flow, traffic monitoring

Benefits for participating local authorities include:

  • Defining and setting relevant challenges that matter to specific local authorities and residents
  • Improving the lives and quality of services for residents, especially during COVID-19 and its aftermath
  • Learning, sharing, building a network, and working collaboratively with other local authorities across the country who are also trying to solve the same issues
  • Working with Digital Catapult and Connected Places Catapult, agnostic players, to develop, and adopt technology products and solutions
  • Accessing the UK’s innovation ecosystem and meeting with technology startups within specific regions who can solve local authority challenges and problems efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively
  • Building a collection of case studies and use cases for how technology, and IoT in particular can make a real difference for local authorities that can be used to pitch for future investment/projects
  • Becoming a ‘technologically-savvy’ borough and trailblazer for technology adoption in the public sector/local authorities

To register your interest to join the programme and to find out more, please complete the form below or email [email protected] and [email protected].

The IoT for Local Authorities Programme empowers local authorities and service delivery organisations to accelerate understanding and adoption of IoT technologies.