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IoT Discovery Programme

Helping industry to accelerate the understanding and adoption of IoT technologies

Digital Catapult’s IoT Discovery Programme enables businesses working in the industries that can benefit from internet of things (IoT) adoption to make informed technology choices that will have a positive impact on their business.

Industry adoption of future IoT technologies has the potential to increase productivity, lower costs, improve product development and improve customer insights. Selecting the right products, services and solutions is essential if industries are to capitalise on the available benefits.

The IoT Discovery Programme has been designed specifically to support businesses in aerospace and defence, energy and utilities, food and drink, foundation industries and built environments. Each sector will benefit from a three month programme that includes a series of workshops and events tailored to the needs of those looking to adopt future networks technologies, alongside relevant insights and knowledge- sharing tools.

Participants obtain a detailed understanding of the IoT landscape and are the first to know about new technology developments relevant to their particular industry and business.They will spend time with highly experienced product leads, engineers and technologists in the IoT space, as well as connecting with leading startups and scaleups within the innovation community.

Benefits for participating businesses include

  • Becoming better-informed customers for improved procurement success
  • Developing a robust business case for using IoT technologies
  • Enhancing the company’s reputation for innovation
  • Working through specific business challenges with experts
  • Greater success in technology deployment, thanks to effective roadmapping and proof of concept projects
  • Learning from the experiences of others in industry
  • Obtaining a competitive advantage through use of cutting edge technology
  • Introductory seminars on other advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI and distributed ledger technologies
  • Deep-dive introductions into the funding landscape within the UK

Participation in the programme will also provide opportunities for cross-technology exploration, for example, how the IoT works with artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed systems technologies.

The IoT Discovery Programme is a commercial opportunity and once onboarded will run online from January 2021 as a series of webinars, workshops and focus groups.

To register your interest and find out more please either complete the form below or email [email protected] and [email protected]