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Applying artificial intelligence and distributed ledger technology to enable journalistic creativity and protect high quality content

Digital Catapult is part of the INJECT collaboration, developing a digital tool that will enrich content production to the benefit of both the media and the consumer.

INJECT is an AI-augmented creativity engine that will enable the media to create better content, faster – leading to increases in interest, readership and revenue, while lowering costs. These benefits will be felt wherever content is created: marketing, news, and information sources across all private and public sectors.

INJECT deploys artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed ledger technology (DLT) to boost creativity, productivity, accuracy and viability in journalism. It’s a low-cost AI tool that enriches content production by discovering original angles and context faster and in smarter ways than by using just a search engine. It integrates with existing publishing platforms and supports multiple languages, adding value by uncovering under-reported facts and validating content. Its creative search, language processing, entity extraction and recommendation algorithms manipulate an index of over 12 million stories in six languages from more than 300 publications, social media channels and bespoke sources.

INJECT will be delivered as a plug-in sidebar for most current text editors and web browsers used by media content producers: at minimum, Google Docs and Chrome, WordPress, and Adobe InCopy. Each will empower users to discover new angles and content dynamically to generate and recommend more creative angles and material in real-time.

Using Digital Catapult’s expertise, the product will leverage DLT to enable the safe inclusion of third party content, by simplifying the creation and monitoring of licensing agreements through shared ledgers.

Initially, INJECT will be pitched to target German, French and UK media markets, and impact assessments will be developed and conducted with lead customers. The resulting insights will be fed back to inform and refine the strategy and business model.