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Interconnecting the leading future internet research testbeds across the UK

Digital Catapult’s 5G testbed in London is part of INITIATE, (the UK programmable fixed and mobile internet infrastructure), a programme that combines UK research capabilities and innovation communities to provide specialist distributed testbeds to facilitate the increasingly large and complex experimentation required for future networks research.

Facilitating future internet research

The EPSRC-funded INITIATE project connects five state-of-the-art laboratories that contribute key capabilities, such as optical networks, wireless/RF communications, the internet of things (IoT), software defined networking (SDN), network function virtualisation (NFV) and cloud computing. The network and services provided by the connected sites are deployed and managed by the 5GUK Exchange, which is central to the whole infrastructure.

  • Any organisation can use the network to research how their products or applications may benefit from using it, helping to scale their business or test the next stage of their product development of their product
  • As well as providing access to INITIATE’s interconnected technology, Digital Catapult supports the project with workshops and training for technology companies and startups, introducing them to academic partners and exploring how future internet technologies can enable the development of new products and services
  • INITIATE is connected over the 5GUK Exchange, using agnostic ETSI-based management and orchestration (MANO) APIs to communicate with each network and administrative domain