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Industrial IoT Rapid Prototyping Platform

An industrial internet of things rapid prototyping platform, enabling asset condition monitoring solutions that can be designed, field tested and deployed quickly and easily.

Digital Catapult’s industrial internet of things (IoT) rapid prototyping platform helps companies to innovate, experiment and test proofs of concept.

Rapid prototyping for the internet of things

Digital Catapult’s innovative wide area sensor platform is ideal for asset management and condition monitoring (for example, recording and reporting on temperature, humidity, shock, atmospheric pressure and windspeed). It also provides geo-location tracking and mapping. When preset condition thresholds are breached, the platform sends visual alerts and email notifications.

The specially-designed platform supports commercially available and user customisable sensor solutions, as well as bespoke sensor devices designed and developed by Digital Catapult. Sensor parameters can be managed remotely, and gateways and base stations are managed by the network servers, which schedule transmissions and map traffic from devices to the applications.

The client application provides full dashboard reporting with personalised views (including graphs and data export functionality), and offers API integration with other systems.

  • Long range connectivity, with sensors up to 10 miles away, and the ability to penetrate dense urban or deep indoor environments
  • Low power sensors require minimal energy, with a prolonged battery lifetime of many months or years
  • Secure, through end-to-end encryption, mutual authentication, integrity protection, and confidentiality
  • High capacity, supporting thousands of sensors per gateway
  • Low bandwidth, ideal for applications such as measurement and telemetry
  • Low cost reduces infrastructure investment and operating expenses (CAPEX and OPEX)
  • Additional features include flight safe mode, offline mode (automatically storing data when no network is detected) and ruggedisation ( IP67-rated and able to withstand high temperature environments).
  • A complete private instance can be spun up in a matter of hours and a localised network can be deployed in a matter of days to support a trial or demonstration.

The speed at which solutions can now be prototyped helps organisations to reduce the cost of both speed to market and deployment.