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Digital Sandwich

A groundbreaking project using advanced digital technologies to create a national open demonstrator of intelligent and resilient supply chains for ready made foods from farm, to factory, to fork.

Led by Raynor Foods, a leading UK sandwich maker, the Digital Sandwich project will exploit advanced digital technologies to revolutionise the UK’s supply chain for ready made food. This world first project is a cross-sector collaboration of manufacturers, food industry partners, industrial digital technology suppliers, universities, and trade and governmental organisations.

To demonstrate the benefits and value of the digitalisation of the food supply chain, the Digital Sandwich project will create an open multi-party software platform connecting organisations across the ready made food supply and value chain – from primary production to retail. Ultimately, the demonstrator created by the project will be accessible to thousands of SMEs in the UK’s food supply chain for whom the technology would previously be out of reach.

Some of the key priorities for the future of supply chains include:

  • Collaboration and sharing information to help reduce the negative impacts of shocks and strengthen supply chain adaptability, flexibility and resiliency in the long run.
  • Increased transparency and visibility to monitor the flow of products, money and information across the entire supply chain, delivering a virtual audit and end to end continuous assurance capabilities.
  • Supply chain optimisation, including artificial intelligence (AI) models to optimise supply chain inventory, improve services and reduce waste. Additionally this will lead to the standardisation of commercial terms, financing and settlement enabling the complete automation of data across supply chains.

As well as the benefits of reducing food waste by 10%, increasing productivity by 10% and significantly reducing the cost of capital and inventory for producers and retailers, consumers will benefit from the increased safety and traceability of ready-made food, improving public health and public trust in the food supply chain.