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Digital Catapult Ericsson Industrial 5G Accelerator

Ericsson and Digital Catapult collaborate to fast forward UK 5G adoption and application

The Industrial 5G Accelerator programme is a partnership between Digital Catapult and Ericsson to drive accelerated adoption of 5G by UK industry. The programme delivered a series of real-life early stage test cases to prove 5G’s potential, and make the case for rapid adoption.

5G is a powerful enabler of transformative solutions and has the potential to contribute up to $27 billion 5G-enabled revenue potential for the UK.

The Industrial 5G Accelerator will create tangible demonstrators of 5G’s unrivalled capability to address important industry use cases, and help companies to understand how 5G can transform products and services.

Together this partnership combines Digital Catapult’s 5G expertise and work in the manufacturing sector, as the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre with Ericsson, one of the world’s leading providers of information and communications technology, to create a unique opportunity for UK industry.

Announcing our partners – September 2020

Seagate and Tharsus have joined the programme to co-develop individual use cases with the aim of unlocking business efficiencies through the use of advanced wireless technologies and proving the potential of 5G in a critical business sector.

All companies will be working alongside Ericsson, Digital Catapult and selected UK mobile network operators to identify smart manufacturing opportunities that focus on improvements for productivity, flexibility and connectivity in an industrial setting. 5G-powered technologies such as robotics, augmented reality (AR), condition-based monitoring, asset tracking and predictive maintenance will be used throughout the individual use cases.

As a key technology set to underpin the global transition to Industry 4.0 and drive global economic growth, the Industrial 5G Accelerator is a bespoke, challenge-led programme designed to accelerate the adoption of 5G into industry.

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