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Helping organisations accelerate their business by harnessing the power of 5G.

Digital Catapult is part of the 5PRING consortium, the UK’s first 5G commercial application accelerator. Its aim is to help organisations of all sizes harness the power of 5G to deliver growth and innovation throughout the West Midlands and beyond. The consortium runs accelerator activities in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry for West Midlands 5G (WM5G).

  • Over 2,000 businesses and public sector organisations have begun to experience a live 5G network, discovering the benefits that 5G can bring to their organisation and working with innovators to take advantage of 5G through new applications and services
  • From 2021, there will be demonstration spaces with access to cutting-edge 5G technology, indoors and outdoors, extending several kilometres
  • By providing access to private 5G networks, businesses across the region are able to experiment with features that aren’t yet commercially available.

The Green Innovation Challenge

Beginning in January 2021, 5PRING’s Green Innovation Challenge will help to drive the delivery of the ambitious targets set out in the West Midlands’ WM2041 strategy, and the programme is encouraging small businesses looking to develop cutting edge technologies that reduce carbon emissions to apply and accelerate their solutions.


5PRING brings together supply and demand-side businesses to take 5G innovations and work together to turn those into commercially viable propositions through a series of programmes.

Engage series

5PRING’s Engage events look at possible 5G use cases, the benefits of 5G versus other network technologies, what applicable features are available (and when), and explore what actionable next steps should be taken to be 5G ready. In addition participants are provided with a personalised report on how 5G ready their organisation is.


For those already familiar with 5G, the Explore programme is an idea incubation programme designed to help organisations ideate and plan 5G enabled solutions. The incubator aims at giving organisations the opportunity to collaborate and learn more about how commercially viable 5G solutions can be developed for specific challenges.


The three month Exploit programme, that supports both large businesses and established startups, provides participants with the opportunity to develop innovative and ambitious 5G solutions. The tailored programme also provides access to the 5G testbeds.

For more information and to register interest in this project, please visit the 5SPRING website.