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5G Smart Tourism

Using 5G and immersive technologies to change the way that immersive experiences are created and delivered for the culture, heritage and tourism sectors.

Through the 5G Smart Tourism project, Digital Catapult has provided a window into the future of the UK’s culture, tourism and heritage sectors. The year-long project brought together a wide range of partners to trial the use of 5G infrastructure and immersive technologies in the West of England.

Using 5G connectivity to engage visitors with innovative immersive content

The 5G Smart Tourism project has shown how immersive technologies and the latest advanced digital technologies can be used to augment and extend the reach of outstanding immersive cultural experiences, including the Roman Baths, Bristol Pride Day and the Harbour Festival.

  • Involving some of the UK’s leading 5G tech pioneers, this ambitious project created real-life examples of immersive cultural experiences using 5G, virtual and augmented reality, 360° video and locative media.
  • The experiences have demonstrated the potential of combining advanced connectivity with immersive technologies to open up the UK’s culture, tourism and heritage sectors to wider audiences as well as business opportunities and investors.
  • Content was shared with multiple users on a synchronised basis, with the application of 5G overcoming traditional network challenges such as congestion and latency.
  • Developed in partnership with the West of England Combined Authority (WECA)
  • Funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS)

Publication: K. Katsaros et al., “Enhancing Tourist Experiences through 5G – The 5G Smart Tourism Case Study,” 2019 IEEE 2nd 5G World Forum (5GWF), Dresden, Germany, 2019, pp. 471-476, doi: 10.1109/5GWF.2019.8911700.

It’s invaluable to see how some of the UK’s most important cultural experiences and heritage sites can be enhanced and opened up to more audiences through 5G. - Dr Jeremy Silver