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Things Connected Royal National Lifeboat Institution challenge

Open date: Monday 1 January 2018   Close date: Thursday 14 February 2019

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution fuel store monitoring challenge has been developed in partnership with Bournemouth Borough Council.

The Royal National Lifeboat institution is the national charity that saves lives at sea, supporting 238 lifeboat stations around the UK and Ireland, 4,500 volunteer crew and seasonal lifeguards on more than 240 beaches.

The RNLI volunteers operate a fleet of more than 450 vessels, and has a duty to report its carbon emissions under ESOS and SECR regulations, of which emissions from the burning of MGO/diesel fuel is a significant part (approximately 33%). A safe, cost-effective and accurate fuel store monitoring solution proposal is required to remotely monitor and report the fuel volumes across the RNLI estate of 115 lifeboat station fuel stores.

Who should apply

Startups and scaleups who have an interest in developing their solutions technically and commercially through IoT technology and who would like exposure to real-life challenges set by public and corporate partners should apply.

Why you should get involved

Small businesses, scaleups and startups who want to develop IoT solutions technically and commercially should apply.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is looking to:

  • Create a safe, reliable and accurate fuel store monitoring method that can be used on standardised welded steel self-bunded MGO/diesel fuel stores across the RNLI estate
  • Develop a wireless transmission of ‘current’ fuel store data to a central monitoring and reporting point
  • Create a remote notification system based on defined monitoring parameters

A little more info

Digital Catapult has partnered with WND-UK to establish a regional extension of the Things Connected LPWAN network, adding Sigfox technology to their portfolio. The network consists of 19 free-to-use Sigfox base stations deployed across the Bournemouth area for the use of testing, experimentation, demonstration and piloting of IoT products and services.

If you would like to find out more about the programme please contact [email protected]

To apply and register your interest, please complete your details below.