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Open call

Surroundscapes: the power of immersive sound

Open date: Sunday 19 May 2019   Close date: Monday 17 June 2019

Digital Catapult is looking for startups and scaleups with innovative solutions or content creators who are specifically sound-led to amplify virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) experiences with sound.

Sound is an integral part of VR, AR and MR experiences. Imagine the abrupt slamming of a door, the impending doom of an object coming towards you, or simply the way we naturally turn towards a sound in a dark corner. All of these sounds need to be seamlessly integrated into a VR, AR or MR experience.

When we think about immersive experiences the visual element tends to be considered more important than audio. However, at SXSW, the Tribeca Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival, we have seen a rise in sound-led immersive experiences. There are at least twenty companies in the UK that are already creating tools and solutions to ensure harmonious sound quality in immersive experiences.

Who should apply

Digital Catapult is looking for UK-based startups and scaleups creating either sound-led content or tools that can amplify immersive sound. These companies will take part in our conference on the 17 July and will be showcased at our London and regional centres for three months.

Why you should apply

Successful applicants to this open call will showcase at Digital Catapult for three months.

Participants in the showcase will:

  • Obtain a physical display of their product and company in Digital Catapult’s Immersive Lab
  • Have the opportunity to present at our Surroundscapes conference on 17 July and other relevant events
  • Get discounted access to Digital Catapult’s Immersive Lab and other facilities
  • Get exposure on Digital Catapult’s website and social media channels

Additional information

Please see below for requirements and requisites:

  • Companies must be able to showcase from July 2019 – October 2019 (note you do not have to be on site all the time but we do encourage you to use the centre to make the most of your time with us)
  • Companies must be open to showcasing content or products at Digital Catapult London and our regional centres (North East Tees Valley and Belfast)
  • Applicants must have a working prototype and be looking to develop use cases or begun recruiting clients