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Open call

Machine Intelligence Garage – Accelerating AI for net zero manufacturing

Open date: Monday 6 December 2021   Close date: Sunday 23 January 2022

About Machine Intelligence Garage

Machine Intelligence Garage helps businesses access the computation power and expertise they need to develop and build machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.

Participating companies gain access to computation power and relevant expertise, as well as a broad range of support activities in areas of business, investment, technology and applied AI ethics.

Machine Intelligence Garage hosts workshops and experimentation days to help companies of all sizes get to grips with systems for machine intelligence. Through our experimentation space companies and researchers can try out new hardware and supporting technology solutions.

The programme is independent and provider-agnostic.

Applications open

Machine Intelligence Garage is currently open for new applications from AI and ML startups that specialise in net zero solutions for the manufacturing sector. Applications close 23 January 2022.

The application brief

The focus of this cohort is for AI startups addressing key challenges faced by the manufacturing sector in its transition to net zero, working to transform industrial operations.

This encompasses startups active in the following in-factory manufacturing sub-sectors (non-exhaustive list):

  • Industrial energy optimisation for manufacturing assets (buildings, machinery, microgrids, energy generation)
  • Industrial process optimisation for production efficiency (production planning and optimisation, robotics, AI safety applications)
  • Waste reduction and management (resource optimisation, circular economy, AI / Computer Vision for quality control)
  • Creation and maintenance of AI enabled Digital Twins for manufacturing processes (anomaly detection in production, predictive maintenance, identification of inefficiencies)
  • Connected and intelligent factory systems (IoT integration, secure data sharing, federated learning for distributed factories)

Solutions that utilise other advanced digital technologies in addition to AI/Machine Learning would be welcome.

What’s involved

Support that we will offer participating SMEs:


  • Access to compute (cloud & business support credits and compute experimentation).
  • DC office hours with AI Technologist(s) and other technologists*
  • Software architecture masterclasses
  • 1-1 Product Management support
  • Partners webinars
  • Partner office hours
  • UX masterclass with DC design team – creative SMEs focus*
  • Computer Vision focused seminar and peer-learning sessions*
  • Access to technology support for 5G, IoT, Immersive, DLT as needed i.e. access to 5G testbed
  • Funded research collaboration opportunities with universities


  • Individual ethics consultation
  • Ethics workshop / office hours focused on selected topics relevant to manufacturing SMEs *
  • Access to industry leading Technology Ethics Deep Dive

Business & Investment

  • Workshop/mentorship on finding and retaining talent in manufacturing industries*
  • Manufacturing industry investment landscape – workshop & 1-2-1s with relevant investors*
  • 1-1 Human Centred Design for AI support
  • Introduction to key industry players in manufacturing*
  • Peer to peer learning and mentorship opportunities with existing MI Garage cohort SMEs from the manufacturing industry*
  • Industry showcases and business development support*

Sustainability / Net Zero*

  • Workshops from leaders in sustainable manufacturing
  • Partner workshops with cutting edge AI hardware companies that specialise in energy efficient AI compute

* Tailored for Industrial Net Zero Cohort