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Open call

Ericsson Industrial 5G Accelerator – partners bringing 5G to life

Open date: Wednesday 9 October 2019   Close date: Friday 22 November 2019

Digital Catapult and Ericsson are looking for partners to explore and further understand the improvements to products and services through the adoption of 5G. Businesses do not need to be 5G ready – this open call will aid the adoption and development of 5G by addressing real life use cases in collaboration with large equipment providers and industrial end users. It will prove the potential for industry-wide improvements and make the case for rapid adoption, putting businesses at the forefront of industrial digitalisation.

5G is a powerful enabler of transformative solutions and has the potential to contribute up to £15.7 billion per year to the UK economy by 2025. Digital Catapult and Ericsson have partnered to form the Industrial 5G Accelerator.

The partnership will create tangible demonstrators of 5G’s unrivalled capability to address important industry use cases, and help companies to understand how 5G can transform products and services.

Why get involved

5G can address a wide range of use cases, from onsite processes to connected goods. Ericsson and Digital Catapult are looking for companies working in the manufacturing sector and associated industries. Businesses taking part will benefit from joining an Industrial 5G acceleration programme and will be one of the first to demonstrate the need for this revolutionary technology. Chosen companies will showcase the ability of 5G to enhance products and services, and create new opportunities.

Benefits for participants include:

  • Gain a stronger understanding of how 5G can enhance current product portfolios
  • Define a demonstrator with specific value to industry and business, which will be developed by Ericsson and Digital Catapult, bespoke to individual applicant needs
  • Take part in one or more industry showcases which will make the case for rapid adoption of next generation products and services and connect with key industry players
  • Highlight individual market position through branding and association with a first of its kind programme

Who should apply

This call is targeted at large corporates and medium sized businesses in the manufacturing and supporting industries. Businesses will be the providers or end users of solutions with the potential to be transformed by 5G.

Businesses do not need to be 5G ready – this open call seeks to help the adoption and development of 5G by addressing real life use cases and finding the relevant partners.

A little more info

Businesses will be selected based on:

  • The level of impact 5G could have against selected use cases
  • The current maturity level of the technology to address the use case
  • The potential of a demonstrator to broaden the industry’s understanding of 5G’s capability
  • The willingness of the partner to engage and enhance the programme