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Augmentor: Supporting and accelerating the next generation of immersive B2B startups

Open date: Monday 1 June 2020   Close date: Wednesday 29 July 2020 Register your interest

Augmentor is a 12-week acceleration programme aimed at supporting early-stage businesses developing innovative and commercially-focused immersive solutions. By supporting immersive startups, Augmentor encourages collaborations between frontier technology companies and industry, showcasing some of the exceptional talent and solutions being developed.

In 2020 Augmentor will focus on supporting early stage immersive B2B companies that are addressing enterprise-level challenges (for example large organisations and small and medium businesses). Augmentor will also be backing cross technology solutions that link immersive with other emergent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and 5G.

    Who should apply?

    Augmentor will support companies that can deliver immersive tools or solutions and are working closely with the following industries:

    • Architecture, engineering and construction
    • 3D design, production and tooling
    • Advanced manufacturing (for example robotics, automotive, aerospace, supply chain)
    • Data visualisation
    • Training
    • Utilities sector
    • Creative (for example entertainment, gaming, media)

    Why get involved:

    Augmentor will help accelerate business growth of immersive B2B companies and drive impact through bespoke mentorship and workshop support from leading experts in the industry:

    • To increase companies’ investment readiness and confidence in the venture capitalist and angel landscape, Augmentor will engage with investment experts to help companies shape the best businesses propositions possible
    • To improve companies’ business confidence, Augmentor will engage with industry experts to help companies develop the right strategies and execution plans so they can drive their business further

    Cohort companies will showcase and pitch their businesses to industry and investment stakeholders at the Augmentor investors showcase.

    Augmentor also offers:


    One-to-one support from leading industry, business and technical experts

    Investment essentials and connections

    Understand the investment landscape, the different routes to accessing finance and how to build relationships with the investor community


    Exclusive workshops that drive business development forward

    Network access

    Connect to public sector and large businesses by tapping into Digital Catapult network

    Access to facilities

    Access Digital Catapult’s immersive facilities including the Immersive Labs


    Access a wide range of perks offered by our programme partners (for example AWS, HubSpot)

    To find out more about Augmentor and how to apply visit