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Machine Intelligence Garage


Garages hold a special place in the history of tech. They are the beginning of great things; a place where game-changing innovations are born and incubated. Digital Catapult’s flagship AI programme, Machine Intelligence Garage, is an acceleration programme that addresses the challenges today’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) startups face.

Machine Intelligence Garage is designed to help startups with a well defined business idea and technical capability for whom access to computation power is a barrier to growth. Independent and provider-agnostic, the programme is delivered by Digital Catapult as part of a CAP-AI project and is part funded through the European Regional Development Fund.


Machine Intelligence Garage helps businesses access the computation power and expertise they need to develop and build machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.

Participating companies gain access to computation power and relevant expertise, as well as a broad range of support activities in areas of business, investment, technology and applied AI ethics.

Machine Intelligence Garage hosts workshops and experimentation days to help companies of all sizes get to grips with systems for machine intelligence. Through our experimentation space, companies and researchers can try out new hardware and supporting technology solutions.

What are we looking for

You are an early or very early stage companies

You have a well defined and viable business plan

You have an assessment of ethical impacts

You have the technical expertise, team and plan

You have the necessary data ready

You have an immediate need to access computational power

Our partners

Machine Intelligence Garage has secured a range of partners and collaborators that provide best-in-class computation power as well as a network of support and expertise.

Apply to the programme