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Showcasing how advanced 5G technology can transform service offerings from a wide range of industry sectors

Digital Catapult is a partner in 5G-VICTORI, a pan-European project which showcases how advanced 5G technology can transform services in dynamic and diverse environments.

5G-VICTORI is working to establish future-proof infrastructures that support industrial use cases across different sectors, including transportation, energy, media and manufacturing. Project partners include industrial companies, research institutes and universities from eight European countries.

One of its objectives is to demonstrate how dynamic 5G pop-up networks can support the delivery of high quality media services to meet transient increases in demand at congested locations such as railway stations.

The four 5G testbeds (Bristol, Berlin, Alba-Iulia, and Patras) being used for the trials are being updated with the latest 5G standardisation developments, with architecture and systems beyond current commercially available 5G products and solutions.

Drawing from current expertise and experience of recent projects (such as designing and building the 5GUK Exchange cross-domain dynamic orchestration and interconnection platform at the University of Bristol) Digital Catapult’s contribution to this project focuses on:

  • Contributing to use cases and trials on three out of four testbeds (Bristol, Berlin and Patras), supporting partners in onboarding their applications, and working with developers to ensure compliance.
  • Leading the design and development of a cross-testbed connectivity management platform that enables dynamic interconnection of all testbeds, and facilitates multiple parallel trials across the testbeds using cross-domain network slicing techniques. This new platform will allow site integration using public internet connectivity, and will be able to support large-scale pan-European trials.
  • Contributing to the design enhancements for individual testbed sites, ensuring consistency with the cross-domain platform to allow smooth site integration and cross-site trials.

This innovative platform will be a significant step towards building a platform for connecting private 5G networks; for example, across remote/distributed factories to optimise distributed line production, and enhance co-ordination between manufacturing and logistics.

The platform will also influence standardisation: by aligning the implementation of the platform with open source projects, innovation communities will benefit from tangible examples that will potentially influence future product development.

5G-VICTORI (designated as VertIcal demos over Common large scale field Trials fOr Rail, energy and media Industries) was launched in 2019 as a three-year project funded by Horizon 2020.?