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The future of digital fashion with the Fashion Innovation Agency

Date: 30 July 2020 09:30 - 30 July 2020 10:30

Digital Catapult and the Fashion Innovation Agency invite you to join an event on 30 July exploring the application of advanced digital technologies within the fashion industry. The event will discuss future trends supported by technologies including artificial intelligence, immersive, haptics and future networks, within the fashion innovation ecosystem.

Use of advanced digital technologies within the fashion industry is growing, in a study by McKinsey fashion companies that were digital and analytics leaders outperform their competitors by up to 68%. Digital has become an emerging theme for today’s fashion giants, including augmented reality apps that allow consumers to try on clothes virtually, and the emergence of wearable technology where health, lifestyle and fashion blur into one. As the power of digital technology continues to grow, especially in a post-COVID-19 era of increasingly touchless interfaces, it is important to consider how fashion houses can pivot to focus on the power of advanced digital technology to captivate customers and reduce returns.

This event is supported by The Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) – working with emerging technologies to help designers and brands change the way they make, sell or show collections. FIA will outline cutting edge work with virtual reality and highlight key digital trends predicted to challenge the status quo in the fashion industry.

Digital Catapult is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre. We drive early adoption, making UK businesses more competitive and productive, to help grow the UK economy. During this webinar we will outline who in the fashion ecosystem is utilising advanced digital technology in the UK. Additionally, Emily Savage, our Immersive Product Lead and member of Women in XR, will provide insights into the future capabilities of these technologies during the panel discussion.

Hear from three startups sharing individual use cases of advanced digital technology within the fashion industry: Satore Studios, GroundWaves Sneakers and Save Your Wardrobe.

  • Satore Studios is an international, multi-disciplinary creative studio combining design and technology to bring bold, beautiful concepts to life on runways, stages and sets worldwide.
  • GroundWaves Sneakers uses haptic technology built into shoe soles to harness the power of sound and vibration and bring the world of fashion, music and technology together.
  • Save Your Wardrobe makes consumers more aware of sustainable purchasing behaviour through a digital wardrobe management app using artificial intelligence and scanning online receipts found in emails and online shopping accounts.

Who should attend

This event is designed for individuals working within research and development, or technology and innovation within high-end fashion brands. Join this event to understand trends and technology applications within the fashion industry.

Why attend

This event is an opportunity for organisations and startups working within the fashion ecosystem to engage in honest and transparent discussions on the topic of advanced digital technology and the future of digital fashion. The discussion will cover past barriers to exploring the technology and illuminate new offerings. In addition, the event will provide key industry examples of the most innovative uses of advanced digital technology within the fashion industry to date with a focus on artificial intelligence and immersive technologies.


  • 10.30 – Welcome and introduction from Digital Catapult: Introduction into fashion and digital technology
  • 10.40 – Keynote from the Fashion Innovation Agency: Outline of its current work with advanced digital technologies
  • 10.50 – Introduction from startup and scaleups: Use cases and real life examples of advanced digital technology within the fashion ecosystem
    • Satore Studios
    • Save Your Wardrobe
    • GroundWaves Sneakers
  • 11.10 – Panel discussion with Q&A discussing the current industry and future trends