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Meet us at: CogX 2020

Date: 7 June 2020 23:00 - 9 June 2020 23:00

Digital Catapult is pleased to announce it will be taking part in this year’s CogX 2020, the global leadership summit and festival of AI and breakthrough technology.

CogX is the festival of all things AI, machine learning, deep learning and what’s next in the world of technology. The conference focuses on celebrating the world’s most exciting innovation and transformational opportunities bringing together the brightest minds on the planet across industry, government and academia, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policy makers, artists, academics and activists.

Digital Catapult at CogX 2020

Digital Catapult aims to future-proof the UK’s manufacturing and creative industries by accelerating the adoption of advanced digital technologies.

This year’s CogX festival theme aims to answer “How do we get the next 10 years right?”. Digital Catapult will be at CogX 2020 as part of a number of different talks and panel discussions happening Monday 8 June – Wednesday 10 June.

Createch – Culture, Creativity and Technology

Emerging Createch – challenges and opportunities. The future of innovation in the creative industries and the vital need for support | Monday, 8 June, 12:00 – 12:45

  • Dr Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult in conversation with Professor Andrew Thompson, Executive Chair, AHRC will reflect on the future of research and innovation in the creative industries and the vital role support programmes play. The conversation will also explore the pivotal role of creative research, technologies and collaborations in economic recovery. Following this fireside chat, hear from a panel of experts as they explore emerging createch opportunities and highlight partnerships, programmes and resources designed to aid the creative economy’s changing landscape and how companies can take advantage of them.

    • Dr Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult
    • Prof Andrew Thompson, Executive Chair, AHRC
    • Rebecca Gregory-Clarke, Head of Immersive, StoryFutures Academy
    • Prof David Bull, Creative Technologies Lead, University of Bristol
    • Emma Lloyd, Chief Business Development Officer, Sky Group

Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Supply Chains

Machine Learning, are we spoiled for choice?: How to choose the right platforms for industry | Monday, 8 June,10:00 – 10:45

  • Understand the different types of machine learning (ML) platforms available to help reduce the time and cost of creating data and ML pipelines for organisations of all levels of ML maturity, and hear experts explore the important questions for manufacturing companies to think about to ensure successful deployment.

    • Louis Dorard, Founder and General Chair,
    • Simone Larsson (nee Babb), Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning Commercial Product Lead, Digital Catapult

Sustainable Futures: If you track it you can improve it. How the internet of things is offering hope in the climate crisis | Monday, 8 June, 12:00 – 12:45

  • How will advanced digital technologies drive the UK’s net zero ambitions, and embed sustainable practices into business? From the use of AI to distributed ledger technologies, find out how the green agenda is changing industry’s technology strategy.

    • Dr David Pugh, Manufacturing Partnerships Lead, Digital Catapult
    • Simon Evans, Digital Energy Leader, Arup & CDBB
    • Angela Angulu , Director of Renewables Innovation Centre, TWI

How will COVID-19 impact the next phase of the Industry 4.0 revolution?: Will industry adapt business models in time for recovery? | Tuesday, 9 June, 10:00 – 10:45

  • This session is focused on Industry 4.0, exploring how we got to the next phase of the industrial revolution in the context of COVID-19, and will explore the main drivers of change and what the future might look like.

    • Dr Hayaatun Sillem CBE, CEO of Royal Academy of Engineering
    • Juergen Maier, Chair of Digital Catapult
    • Dr Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult

Tracking the future: from measuring air quality, safely transporting medical supplies and moving large items at sea. How 4.0 tools are revolutionising supply chains | Wednesday, 10 June, 10:00 – 10:45

  • Hear how IoT and future networks can improve asset tracking and condition monitoring, providing solutions to real-world problems for industry, military and governments.

    • Dr Joe Handsaker, CEO & Founder, Elements Technology
    • Rukmini Prasad, IoT Products and Partnerships Manager, Digital Catapult
    • Ali Miller, Chief Commercial Officer, Kool Zone
    • Neill Ryan, CEO, VRM Technology
    • Marco da Silva, Managing Director, G-Lok Systems

Industry 4.0 and the Great British sandwich: A new approach to building multi layered, resilient and intelligent food and drink supply chains | Wednesday, 10 June, 14:00 – 14:45

  • Food and Drink is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector and has evolved over many years to deliver just-in-time service to consumers, providing abundant availability of quality products at optimum freshness. Despite this, the food system lacks a depth of resilience to mitigate against stresses and shocks to the system. This panel discusses the new and emerging advanced digital technologies that are being deployed to enable a resilient, interoperable and optimised food system capable of feeding our growing population in an increasingly resource scarce world.

    • Ben Ramsden, Digital Catapult (moderator)
    • Simon Pearson, Founding Director of LIAT at The University of Lincoln
    • Scott Nelson, CEO and Chairman, Sweetbridge
    • Julie Pierce, Director of Openness, Data and Digital, Food Standards Agency

Lab to Live

Bloodhound LSR: Breaking the land speed record with the internet of things and applying lessons learnt to factory setting | Wednesday, 10 June, 12:00 – 12:45

  • Join Digital Catapult and AWS to discover how internet of things technology is playing a crucial role in preparing to break the land speed record and how this experience will help industry address pressing challenges.

    • Mark Chapman, Engineering Director, Bloodhound LSR
    • Peter Karney, Head of Product Development, Digital Catapult
    • Dr Ramona Marfievici, Senior IoT Engineer Digital Catapult

The Cutting Edge

Privacy-preserving machine learning: Having your cake and eating it?

  • A number of techniques have been proposed to permit machine learning whilst preserving data privacy. Their use could bring the benefits of machine learning to many new applications. Hear use cases from experts as they highlight capabilities, potential benefits and trade offs.

    • Blaise Thomson, CEO, BitFount
    • Hassan Mahmud, Senior AI and Machine Learning Technologist, Digital Catapult
    • Oliver Smith, Strategy Director, Health Moonshot, Telefónica Innovation Alpha
    • Libby Kinsey, Lead Technologist AI/ML, Digital Catapult

Additional info:

CogX 2020’s agenda offers the very latest thinking on the following eighteen topics including:

  • Leadership
  • The Cutting Edge
  • Lab to Live – Case Studies
  • Ethics and Society
  • The Economy and the Future of Work
  • The HR and Ed Tech Revolution
  • The Planet and Smart-Cities
  • Space
  • Innovation: Start-up to Scale Up to IPO and Beyond
  • Createch – Culture, Creativity and Technology
  • Health, Wellbeing and COVID-19
  • Research – The Long View
  • Web 3.0 and Decentralisation
  • Gen Z
  • FinTech and Future of Financial Services
  • Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Next Gen Infrastructure and Cloud Services
  • Cyber and Defence

How to get involved?

If you would like to join Digital Catapult at this year’s CogX conference, please book your ticket here.