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Manufacturing on the Edge: How can Edge Computing benefit your business?

Date: 6 October 2021 12:00 - 6 October 2021 13:30


Join Digital Catapult and leaders from the manufacturing sector for our online event: Manufacturing on the Edge: How can Edge Computing benefit your business on Wednesday 6 October.

The meaning of Edge Computing has evolved over time, with varying definitions and implementations in different technology domains. Despite the value it offers, its benefits are currently limited to a small set of businesses and applications. However, Edge Computing is seen as a key enabler in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, where it can unlock the transformative potential of digital manufacturing.

Join this event to learn what Edge Computing means for the manufacturing sector, what’s behind the buzzword and discover the potential it offers to manufacturing.

During the 1.5 hour webinar, we will:

  • Debunk some myths; offering a high-level introduction to edge computing, specifically crafted for the manufacturing sector

  • Discuss the technological requirements that businesses need to adopt edge computing

  • Showcase the business benefits, opportunities and return on investment adopting advance digital technologies may offer

  • Showcase the benefits/opportunities to business from adopting advanced digital technologies – focusing on return on investment

  • Address potential challenges and how to overcome them.

Why attend

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear experts from Digital Catapult and industry guests:

  • Discuss the different edge models and how they fit into existing technology infrastructure

  • Address the benefits and challenges of adopting edge in the manufacturing environment

  • Explore the routes to trial and adoption

  • Share experiences of pioneer businesses that adopted edge

Who should attend

This event will be of interest to people working at all levels within the manufacturing industry who are keen to learn more about edge computing and explore what it might mean for their business. Manufacturing employees working in network and connectivity, infrastructure and technical system integration where edge has a direct effect.


Introduction – Banishing the Buzzword: What is Edge Computing?
Paul Ceely – Director of Technology – Strategy at Digital Catapult

Presentation – Edge Computing & Manufacturing: The Potential, Benefits & Challenges of Adopting Edge in Manufacturing Settings
Munir Chowdhury – Head of Technology – IoT at Digital Catapult

Panel Discussion and Expert Q&A – How to Move the Manufacturing Industry to the Edge? The roles of AI, IoT and 5G

Chair: David Pugh – Manufacturing Markets Lead at Digital Catapult
Bernd Gross – CTO Software AG / CEO Cumulocity
Piyush Modi – Business Development/Strategist for Industrial Sector at NVIDIA
Claire Caminade – Head of 5G Product & Partnerships at Digital Catapult

Closing remarks


It was inspiring to have like-minded people at our Manufacturing on the Edge event, sharing expertise and insights into how edge computing can benefit the manufacturing sector.

A recording of the event is now available to watch. Please feel free to share this with colleagues who may be interested in the topics covered.