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Q&A and Briefing Session

Digital Security by Design: Technology Access Programme – Q&A and Briefing

Date: 27 June 2022 11:30 - 27 June 2022 12:30

Register by: Monday 27 June 2022


Join this live Q&A session for tech companies interested in getting early access to prototype technology to trial – the Arm Morello board incorporating CHERI architecture through the Digital Security by Design Technology Access Programme.

We’re looking for UK-based tech companies of all sizes to trial a new architecture that’s less vulnerable to security breaches.

These prototype technologies have the potential to change the way we develop software and hardware — making software less vulnerable and systems more secure and resilient.

The technologies work with legacy C and C++ and there’s £15k funding available for qualifying companies.

This webinar will be of particular interest to organisations working in or supplying customers with solutions in safety-critical verticals like healthcare/medtech, finance, automotive, telecoms, defence, aerospace and utilities.

During the session you’ll be able to ask questions about the technologies, find out what benefits you might expect to experience in your own systems and what your organisation would need to do as part of the programme.

To find out more about Digital Security by Design and the Technology Access Programme visit

Why Attend?

  • Hear about the Technology Acceleration Programme from the team at Digital Catapult
  • Ask questions to understand if you are eligible to apply, and have time to discuss your potential use case
  • Consider how to get involved with the Technology Access Programme for the cohort that will be onboarded in September 2022

Who Should Attend?

The Digital Security by Design Technology Access Programme has been designed for all types of businesses, from early-stage startups looking to find bugs faster and fix them to mature companies seeking early access to revolutionary technology to make their products software more secure before it is fully ready for commercial deployment.

This new architecture has wide appeal and is not restricted to any particular industry. We welcome various applications from sectors that have safety critical systems e.g. aerospace, autonomous systems, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation, and utilities, and more.

Participants will need to be companies who employ experienced software developers who are able to extend and evaluate their C/C++ products on new architecture, in the context of performance and security. Companies with expertise in compilers/runtimes are also invited to prototype support for CHERI in languages other than C/C++.


11:30 – Introduction to the Technology Access Programme, benefits and commitments
Dana Elman, Innovation Partner and DSbD Programme Lead, Digital Catapult

11:45 – Timeline of the programme for Cohort 2
Gavin Burns, Innovation Coordinator and Cohort Manager

11:55 – An interactive Q&A session with Arm, Digital Catapult and University of Cambridge
Mark Inskip, Morello Program Director, Arm
Konrad Witaszczyk Research Associate, University of Cambridge

12:30 – Thank you and close
Digital Catapult


This event will take place online, via Zoom. Please register your attendance in order to receive joining details for the session.