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Chatty Products: Exploring the future of data driven product design

Date: 24 April 2019 12:00 - 24 April 2019 16:00

Join us on 24 April 2019 at Digital Catapult London as we explore the future of data driven product design with Chatty Factories.

IoT products are embedded with sensors that transmit live data about their use and environment. This data is already being used to enhance digital products and manufacturing processes, but its impact on the design of physical products is less understood. A key challenge for designers is how to gather useful insights from data in order to accelerate the time consuming and labour intensive business of product research.

At this event we’ll investigate the ways that live data will disrupt design processes and how it can open up innovative new possibilities. The event will allow for collaboration between industry and academia, and the sharing of ideas about how live sensor data from products in the wild is brought into new design processes.

Who should attend?

This event is designed for designers, IoT experts, and academics who are interested in taking part in a creative exchange of ideas and collaboratively explore the future of data driven product design.


Register your place on the Chatty Factories website.

For further information, please contact Katerina Gorkovenko or Dr Dan Burnett.