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Blockchain in Action: DLT for industry

Date: 20 November 2018 08:30 - 20 November 2018 11:30

How can blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) be applied to transform the future of businesses?

Even with all the buzz around blockchain in the last few years we’ve seen little in the way of its demonstration of practical application outside of cryptocurrency.

To accelerate the understanding and adoption of DLT, Digital Catapult, the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre, is launching its latest research report and a new DLT programme.

The ability to share data, with assurance about its provenance and validity, could fundamentally change the way people and businesses exchange information; improving trust by providing an indisputable audit trail of interactions with better data availability, interoperability, and management by all parties.

Following four months of research investigating the current state of DLT companies in the UK, Digital Catapult’s latest research captures this moment in history by exploring the state of the UK’s DLT ecosystem. Join us as we present our latest ecosystem mapping report detailing the companies shaping the industry beyond cryptocurrency, and discuss how we can make applications of the technology a reality.

In support of its findings, Digital Catapult will announce its latest initiative, the DLT Field Labs – a collaborative process and space to de-risk practical experimentation in DLT. This new programme of activities cuts through the hype and explores how the technology can be applied to real world challenges. DLT Field Labs will put real life experiments into action in new and much talked about applications such as smart contracts for shipping, safety logs for the construction industry and licensing agreements for film and television among others.

Who should attend?

This event has been tailored for businesses, innovators and experts interested in DLT.

Why attend?

Hear from industry leaders and be joined by a hand picked audience of industry executives, DLT specialist organisations and prominent researchers in the field. Find out more about the first Field Labs and how to get involved. We are also looking for partners interested in launching their own Field Labs.


  • 08:30 Arrivals and breakfast
  • 09:30 Welcome to Digital Catapult
  • 09:40 Why DLT?
  • 09:50 Why are we mapping the DLT ecosystem?
  • 10:00 Ecosystem mapping report launch and introduction to Field Labs
  • 10:30 DLT use cases
  • 11:30 Event close and networking

More on DLT Field Labs

Field Labs take industry challenges and form clusters of interested organisations to deploy and test the latest technology in real world (and close to real world) environments. Bringing leading technology businesses together with industry partners, researchers and business experts, each DLT Field Lab will run in iterative, agile cycles to test and pivot around the key barriers and opportunities. All findings will be shared with sponsoring and observing organisations, including technical, business model, value proposition, legal and governmental challenges.