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Augmentor webinar: How Digital Catapult supports B2B immersive startups

Date: 1 July 2020 10:00 - 1 July 2020 11:15

Digital Catapult is pleased to host a webinar to present Augmentor, a 12-week acceleration programme aimed at supporting and accelerating the next generation of B2B immersive startups.

At its fourth edition, Augmentor is designed to increase startups’ investment readiness and accelerate their business growth. Applications are now open – please read the open call brief here

The purpose of this webinar is for startups to gain a more in depth understanding of Augmentor, the programme format and its timeline, the exclusive range of investment and business mentors and benefits, including workshops, access to state-of-the-art facilities and the opportunity to pitch at the final investor showcase later in the year.

During the webinar we will hear the experience of previous cohorts who have directly benefited from the programme and from some of Augmentor investment partners and mentors.

In this time of uncertainty that severely impacted most businesses and industries across the world, Augmentor remains here to help startups weather the storm. Augmentor’s mission is centered around supporting startups, and will focus to help them come out of this situation even stronger.

Why attend

  • Learn more about the Augmentor acceleration programme
  • Understand how the programme provides investment support and help startups grow their businesses through mentorship
  • Learn more about the current immersive investment landscape and startup context

Who should attend

  • Immersive startups that are addressing enterprise-level challenges (for example large organisations and small and medium businesses) working across (but not exclusively) the following industries:
    • Architecture, engineering and construction
    • 3D design, production and tooling
    • Advanced manufacturing (for example robotics, automotive, aerospace, supply chain)
    • Data visualisation
    • Training
    • Utilities sector
    • Creative (for example entertainment, gaming, media)
  • Investment and industry stakeholders curious to know more and/or to partner


11.00 | Augmentor: Programme overview

An overview of the acceleration programme, its format and timeline, benefits and key impact stats from the past 4 editions. .

11.15 | Augmentor: Hear it from startups, mentors and partners involved

  • Startup perspective: A conversation with Christophe Mallet, co-founder of Bodyswaps one of the previous Augmentor cohort startups. He will share their programme journey, and the impact that followed, together with best tips for fundraising and commercialising immersive solutions.
  • Investment partner perspective: A conversation with Dave Haynes from HTC Vive, one of Augmentor investment partners. HTC Vive has been supporting the programme since its launch and has invested into three Augmentor startups so far. They will share their experience on the programme, the impact that the programme had on cohorts as well as tips to fundraise from VCs perspective.
  • Mentorship perspective: A fireside chat between a previous Augmentor startup founder, Kate Parkinson from Also Known As, and their investment mentor, Nelly Lavielle from Bethnal Green Ventures about the collaboration that was born thanks to Augmentor. They will walk the webinar attendees through how they have managed to develop a strong mentorship relationship during the programme and maintain it even after as well as the impact it has created.

11.45 | Augmentor: Panel with Q&A

12:15 | Closing

    Next steps

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