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Asset and order tracking: the key to delivering value from IoT in industrial settings

Date: 4 June 2020 15:00 - 4 June 2020 16:30

With manufacturers looking at a future with social distancing and fewer employees on the shop floor at any one time, understanding supply chains, available assets and their status has never been more important.

Digital Catapult is hosting an in-depth virtual masterclass exploring and demonstrating the value of asset tracking within the manufacturing industries. Elements Technology will present alongside Digital Catapult and explore the importance of asset tracking and why it’s so valuable within manufacturing sectors for building resilience, and ensuring survival through innovation.

Asset tracking enables organisations to track the location and status of items within the supply chain, and these learnings can give valuable insights into how they could be better used.

Benefits and cost savings for industry include:

  • Streamlining – supply chains
  • Transparency – knowing how things move through the factory to drive better and longer use out of assets
  • Cost efficiency – driving savings to end users by ensuring production and delivery are completed in a timely manner and increased ETA accuracy
  • Optimising – reducing downtime owing to full visibility of all assets and their states across factories.

Why attend

This masterclass is designed to provide a deeper understanding into how asset tracking can be implemented in factories, warehouses, on-site and across supply chains, to drive cost-savings and longer life of assets. Hear from industrial adopters and innovators, as they answer questions as part of an interactive panel discussion.

Who should attend

This masterclasses invites supply chain and operation managers within manufacturing, engineering, and logistics companies to receive an extensive exploration into asset tracking.

Next steps

To join this masterclass, please register interest below.