Software Developer - 12 months Fixed Term Contract

London - Kings Cross

Based either in our London office or working from home (with visits in London if/when needed/allowed), this role is focused on the practical development of technology enablers contributing to H2020 5G-VICTORI project where Digital Catapult is responsible to design and implement a cross-domain orchestration platform (5G-VIOS) that will link multiple test facilities in the project. The 5G-VIOS platform will enable dynamic interconnection of all testbeds, automation on on-boarding application for trials using multiple testbeds and will facilitate the execution of multiple parallel trials across the testbeds using cross-domain network slicing techniques. This task will be based on past experience on designing and building the 5GUK Exchange cross-domain dynamic orchestration and interconnection platform developed at the University of Bristol. The new platform will allow site integration using public internet connectivity on top of the existing connection capability of sites using L2 (JANET-like) connections. It will also be hardened to support such large-scale pan-European trials. We are looking for someone to join us on a fixed term employment contract of 12 months. Closing date for applications:15th January 2021 Target start date:ASAP

what you’ll do
  • Migrate existing monolithic implementation of 5GUK Exchange to a service based implementation using containers following the design above
  • Update API support with a mixture of REST and Pub/Sub for different components
  • Develop template of a container with basic functionality providing minimum APIs for easy integration of further components developed from other partners
  • Develop the 5G-VIOS mobility manager software module
  • Develop the 5G-VIOS GUI/portal module
  • Develop L3 extensions to the 5G-VIOS Inter-Edge Connectivity Manager module
  • Update support for later OpenSourceMANO (OSM) release related to the North Bound Interface (NBI) support in the Edge Proxy
  • Design and perform unit tests for each of the 5G-VIOS modules
  • Develop testing suite for validation and testing of the 5G-VIOS platform
  • Develop automation tools for installation and configuration of 5G-VIOS platform
what we’re looking for
  • Software Skills Required-Proficiency in popular programming languages including: Python, Javascript, HTML and C++
  • Experience with developing and testing RESTful APIs using tools such as Swagger and Postman
  • Experience with developing and testing Publish/Subscribe messaging, e.g. Kafka, MQTT, etc
  • Experience with scripting e.g. BASH, Ansible, Juju Charms
  • Experience with version control management tools, e.g. Git, SVN, Mercurial, etc
  • Comfortable using command line (UNIX/LINUX)
  • Excellent knowledge of the software development life cycle and experience with Agile and Scrum development methodologies
  • Working knowledge of virtualisation and orchestration technologies such as Openstack, kubernetes, Docker, KVM, etc
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