Digital Catapult

Senior Software Engineer

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Your job is to design and build our future products. You will be responsible for end-to-end delivery of backend services and systems, working with product managers, DevOps engineers and front-end developers. You’ll be joining the team at an exciting time as we are about to start new projects in various areas such as smart contracts and IOT.

what you’ll do
  • Participate and contribute to design sessions with product managers and other stakeholders.
  • Analyse and understand the product requirements, architect and engineer the solution accordingly.
  • Develop high-quality code.
  • Test and deploy using automated tools such as AWS, Linux, Terraform, Ansible, CirclesCI.
  • Work in an agile environment.
  • Be Involved in several projects using various technologies such as IOT, Blockchain and smart contracts.
what we’re looking for
  • Someone who can see the big picture, excited working with start-ups in an experimental and proactive attitude. Passionate about learning new technologies and contribute from his experience to the tech community in the UK.
  • Has Proven experience architecting and developing microservices and distributed systems in a cloud environment. Familiar with AWS services and SQL/ NoSQL databases. Solid academic background is desirable.
  • Backend software engineer who has several years of experience developing production code. Typical backend for our projects is expected to be Node.js. However, this can change on a project by project basis.
  • Use naturally unit testing, configuration management, DevOps and CI/CD practices.
  • A team player, goal oriented who is fluent in English and has strong communication skills.
  • Someone who has experience or interested in working in these domains.